Hey guys, your probs don't know me but heres my story.

Chapter One
The Beginning

The rumbling came closer.
I lay still, barely daring to breath, or even move for that matter. My squad lay around me; huddled close together, afraid of the everlasting bombing. I grasp my rifle tightly and close my eyes.

And closer.
I take another sharp breath, then shuffle forward, closer to the trench wall. The bombing was almost here, and my teammates huddled ever-closer. Many were terrified, silent tears slipping down the mud-stained faces.

I'm sent off my feet. I can't see, my body impacts against a wall and I crumple to the floor. I hear screams. Violent, blood-curdling screams of terror and death. The smoke surrounds me, inside me, penetrates my very living essence-
And then I woke up.

I'm laid in a sterile, white room. The sheets are immaculately tucked over my aching body. I try to move my head, but pain rips through me and I just fall back.
"Ah, you're awake." The voice echoes round the room. I jump in shock. "You were really injured in that bombing run, Charles. Your body was damaged almost beyond repair, but you pulled through."
I try to turn, but I cry out in pain.
"Don't move, your neck is very sensitive right now. Just lay back." I notice that it is an old sergeant speaking, sat at the end of my bed. I recognize the battle-scarred features, the square jaw and grey bristles of hair.
"Sergeant Foley?" I exclaim. My voice comes out hoarse and grinding, as if I'm talking through a fan.
"Yes, son. Rest up now, you're back on the front line in a week." He gets up to stand.
"Oh, I almost forgot," he says, throwing something to my bed. "You did well out there. We're looking forward to having you back."
A Purple Heart lay on my chest.

Two weeks later.
"Hey, Charlie!"
I turn to see my teammate Barney jogging towards me."Hey, how you been buddy?" I smile, shaking his hand.
"More like how have you been, you got proper shredded in that blast!" he exclaims, eyes wide with wonder.
"Eh, I'm fine. Look, I heard you got a Purple Heart too?"
"Yeah, I took a load of shrapnel in my arm, but I managed to pull you to the safety of the support trenches and get help. They said you were lucky to be alive!"
"They always say that," I say dismissively, "but we gotta head up to Trench KL, apparently there are German troops heading that way."
Barney nods, and we jog through the support trenches.

Thats all I have for now, so tell me what you think guys!