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    Danny Boy -C.Clark

    Danny Boy
    Blood only runs so deep my dear family
    and to this I say goodbye
    goodbye my dear brothers and sister
    My mother from birth I came
    My father whom covered shame
    the war is calling
    and calling back I say Danny boy
    My war is not for bullets and explosions
    My war plays out in waiting for you all
    I wait for you where clouds do wave
    I sent this note from a higher place
    and to this I say
    I am waiting for you my dear family
    ~written and edited by Chandelar Clark (Me)

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    Re: Danny Boy -C.Clark

    Toucing little poem, I liked it, write some more, maybe next time make it longer.

    Btw I think it was great at the strat, that first line really got me intrigued, however as the poem progressed it became, though still good, less entertaining.
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    Re: Danny Boy -C.Clark

    Interesting indeed -.-' A good little poem.
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