Hmph -.-' This is a story, that i've been writing for 4 years now. It hasn't been touched since then and is of course, going to be edited for better detail and whole-ness than it previously was. Its a novel I suppose, idk. It is made along with sequals and prequals. Those stories will be made later, after this one is completed, IF it is completed -.-' in seperate threads. Now then, this is a fictional story based on mythological facts, its not a mythical history lesson, its a sci-fi story -.-' but with REAL mythology, no crappy fantasy. There IS a difference between the two, *sigh* but anyways, here's a story, about a young boy, who received a letter, which would change his life forever......


Chapter 1-The Beginning:

In the beginning of the world, the great god Domo had created 4 elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, and had them as his children. The 1st. day after creation, Water had given a gift to Earth, but Earth accidently dropped the gift all over his feet! And so wherever Earth walked, a green stem grew, and then later, became a plant! The second day after creation,Fire gave a gift to Wind, but when the gift touched Wind's left arm, lightning and thunder were born. The third day after creation, Fire gave a gift to Earth, by heating and molding his arms to useful shapes. The fourth day after creation, Earth gave a gift to Fire, but when fire touched the gift, it burned to ashes, Earth was sad. The fifth day after creation, Water gave a gift to Wind, but when Wind's right arm touched the gift, it sprinkled Water, and with force, gave rain. The sixth day after creation, Domo noticed a falling object out of the sky, it was shiny, it was broken, and it had crash-landed into the world. When Domo came closer, he saw two badly injured creatures inside, he healed them, and adopted them as his children. The Elementals hated their new siblings, and so, for every child the female creature gave birth to, the Elements cursed that child with another animal or by other means. When Domo found out about this, he hunted down and sealed away his elemtal children into the bodies of the new children, a diffrent elemntal was trapped each month. But later this created a negative elemnt: Darkness. And so Darkness fouls every heart soul and body, and so we remain cursed and enchanted to this day.

-Werewolf Elder: King Jerimiah Poisenberry

(Note: This is only the Prolouge, the story will not be addressed in this state of...speech. -.-')