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    Second attempt at rap

    Don't be a bitch about it, if you don't like it, then tell me about how I could improve instead of saying, "lol wat a st00pid noob." This one's about kids that grow up thinking that they're going to be badass gangsters, but they don't know what they're getting into. Wrote everything myself this time.

    Gonna light some motherfuckers with a virgin glock,
    Fresh out of school determined not to get caught,
    Doesn't have a damn clue 'bout the world outside,
    Got a reinforced brace on his shackled mind,
    Secluded life, growin' up to rap and hip hop
    He turns the speakers down, but the whispers won't stop,
    Thinks he's gonna live to be a gangster lord,
    But he never knew the misery of growin' up poor.

    Mom and pop are shocked, their mouths are wide open,
    Rap was like a girl that he couldn't quit gropin',
    It grabbed him by the crotch and it wouldn't let go,
    He looked around at his life and said he didn't want it anymore.

    The first thing he saw when he was out on the streets,
    Was a pretty blonde girl, going home to get her ass beat,
    But before she could even think about her drunk step pa,
    Two big mothafuckers started grabbing at her ta-tas,
    Lil' Goldylocks gets pounded by a footlong of meat,
    Her screams are echoin' off the bloody concrete,
    The animal's thrown to the ground, she's getting sperm in her hair,
    And all he does is just stop and stare.

    He can't handle thug life, this isn't right this is bullshit,
    He wouldn't be a gangster if his life depended on it,
    But his plans are split like the front of his forehead,
    Turns out the fuckers didn't want a witness for bloodshed.
    His brains are leakin' out, the only thing he was good for,
    He was never a thug, you know he always did his homework,
    It's a shame the kid died being someone he's not,
    He couldn't stop the rape as he fell down on the spot.

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    Re: Second attempt at rap

    Everything before the second stanza was actually somewhat decent.
    You want to know the difference.. between a weak burger, and a burger that has STRENGTH?


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