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    MiLink's Outbreak - A Survival Story

    The Outbreak
    Written by MiLink

    Washington D.C, United States of America
    Washington D.C. Police Department
    August 2nd, 2011
    7:00 AM

    We were all in different spots, so we all have different
    stories. I, for one, was in my squad car with my partner Eric,
    sipping on a Dunkin Donuts coffee that we recently picked up from
    the store.

    It truly is the scariest feeling when you don't get a
    response on the radio... No, it's scarier when you see the reason
    why they didn't respond. This wasn't normal; there were too many
    casualties in the surrounding area to be a terrorist attack or
    something of that sort. I've never heard of cannibalism as a form
    of terrorism against the USA.

    "6'er, come in!!", the radio cried with static.

    Eric and I looked at each other for a quick moment. I
    grabbed the walkie talkie and reported in.

    "Yeah 4, what's the problem?", I said with a gut of

    "I just ran over someone!!! Oh.. Oh god! I didn't mean to!!
    I was... Why are they doing that?! Do you see that?!", he yells.
    His partner, or so we think, responds to him by saying: "Shit, they
    ain't normal Jerry. Is that 6? Get him over here!!".

    "Where are ya'll?", I asked. I feel like I'm about to
    vomit under the steering wheel just because I have no clue what's
    going on.

    "We headin' on North Capitol Street NE man, but w-- FUCKKK"

    "4 COME IN!!!", I cried.

    A sound of a car crash, glass shattering, and a loud thump
    echoed on all of our radios. I dropped the walkie talkie and pulled
    over. I'm not seeing any of this. Is it only in his area?

    At first I thought someone was eating the skin off a
    drumstick, but the scream of "ZOMBIEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!" changed my mind.
    Should I stick around to find out what happened to him? It's not
    too far up. I asked Eric and he said hell no, followed up with "I
    seen the movies, and there's no way we can help them. If they are
    really zombies, we gotta find an open area, get some firepower and
    cover, and let them come to us now."

    He's right. He has seen the movies. Too many of them.


    I turn the car around.. Traffic was high - but no one
    was in their cars anymore. There must be a reason. I picked up the
    walkie talkie and said that we're on the move to... the track
    and field off of Fort Drive NE. We grab the shotguns from the back
    of the car and head out to the track. Just the two of us.

    We cut through the trees and make our way around the area
    into the field. People were going insane. The most random areas
    were populated with people prepared for homicide and suicide. As
    we moved, helicopter went above our position. Civilians held up
    their signs of "SOS" and "HELP ME". Yeah, like that will do anything.

    Eric nudges me in the shoulder and points over to the
    parking lot.

    "Why in the name of Jesus is that man chasing that guy?" I
    didn't have an answer... Until that man chased him into the back of
    an SUV and slammed him into it. He pulled up back by his hair, threw
    him to the ground, and began eating his face. His entire face. His
    friends even joined in; one put his foot on his chest and grabbed
    his arm, only to yank it out of its socket and then off his body.

    as I grabbed my pistol. I raised it at his head but he continued to
    eat his victim.

    "HEY YOU FUCKER, PUT YOUR HANDS--", and I paused because
    he looked up at me with a mouth full of flesh and muscle strands.
    I pulled the trigger when he screamed, dropping his meal onto
    the faceless, armless man. The bullet went through his
    nose cartiledge, exiting the top of his head. Before we knew it,
    there were over 100 of this bastards around us. We opened fire,
    shooting everyone that looked like that monster. Over 50% of them
    were chasing a group of civilians, or they were coming after us.

    We had to have killed the original count of 'zombies', but
    they were growing faster than we can kill. We were quickly being

    "FUCKING BITCHES STOLE MY CAR!", someone yelled behind us.
    Across the field was Jeff, Jerry's partner, Bruce, Tom, and Russ.
    They were all well equipped, except for Jeff. I guess he had to
    leave in a hurry.

    We all looked up to Jeff, and he always knew what to do.
    So in this particular case, we asked him what the fuck we have to

    "Uhhh...uhhh... fuck this, okay Bruce, Tom, Russ, watch
    the front. Hey, HEY Eric and Zach, go back where you were, you were
    doing fine. I'll be right back, in like... 5 minutes!". He runs
    with the other three.

    All the while, people are STILL on the track, screaming
    for God's forgivness for whatever may have caused this. Again, Eric
    nudges me as we begin running back towards the parking lot.

    "I got news feed on the count of these sons of bitches.
    About 3000 of them.", he said in a loud whisper. This is going
    to be fun.


    We killed too many before we suddenly realized that there's
    four people up front, and only two people back here. But it was
    them that were having the problems. We hurried to them after killing
    a horde of them that were pressing civilians up against the walls.
    Some civilians had their own guns, but their accuracy sucked. I was
    more worried about getting a stray bullet to my brain than getting
    it eaten.

    "I got an escape route. We can take it if you're willing.",
    I told Jeff. The others didn't hear since they were too wrapped up
    in their shooting. But he didn't get to respond, since a shitload
    of them began coming at us. We ran and fired our weapons at the
    same time. I felt like a bitch, to be completely hoenst. I never
    ran away from a fight... But I guess these zombies can be an exception.

    "Whats.. your plan...", Jeff said while panting, running,
    and reloading.

    "We cut through the parking lot, go around the high school
    in the back, cut into that Catolic Youth place, and into
    the Ukarainian Catholic National Shrine parking lot sir!"

    He laughed. "You sure do know your surroundings Zach!"

    "Grew up here, and ain't gonna die here.", I replied.

    It was a plan. We began sprinting across the field, towards
    the parking lot. We saw two zombies chasing this one guy, so we
    opened fire. We got the one falling behind, but the other one
    jumped on his back and pinned him to the ground and began gnawing
    on his neck. We shot the zombie, but the victim began flipping shit.
    We shot him in the head, and I don't know why. Maybe we were just
    in the heat of the moment, I guess.

    As we were running, we noticed that they were piling up
    against the bleachers. Tom recommended we spray them down while
    Jeff holds cover for us. And we did. Shooting into this mass crowd
    of blood-thirsty bodies. Jeff begins to panic.


    We gotta stick to the plan. We started running again.
    When we made it to the end of the track, we found ourselves
    surrounded by about.. 20 heads. As Jeff, Eric, and myself took
    them out, Bruce, Tom, and Russ shot down their own portion and ran
    through the gap. We killed the rest off and decided to follow.

    "This way, Zach?", Russ asked. I said he was right and
    we began running some more. We exited the track and made it to the
    parking lot of the high school. Only a little more to go.

    The horde that formed by the bleachers re-appeared. Now
    we are open to attack, since we left the field. Tom and his
    friends blocked the small pathway and sprayed them all down. Jeff
    caught our attention and told us to follow him.

    "But they--", Eric said before he was cut off.

    "They got it under control, we'll regroup behind the

    We just listened, no if, ands, or buts. We began moving.
    There were some zombies in the lot, but we took them out no
    problem. When we killed them off, the three guys finished their
    business as well.

    "Where ya'll going without us? Come on now, don't be like
    that.", said Bruce.

    I felt like an ass more than a bitch now. But no time
    for feelings right? They're swarming down here. In fact, we're
    slowly being surrounded. The zombies are re-filling the field and
    if we don't move soon, we're gonna have to defend this tiny parking
    lot. That's not going to happen. I reloaded my shotgun and my pistol
    and used both at the same time. We moved and fired some more until
    we were against the wall. We were making progress.

    "4000 zombies, ya'll. Just got news.", said Eric.

    "Let's just focus on leaving.", said Jeff.

    We made it to the parking lot, finally. Jeff, Eric, and I are
    covering the back while the others were covering the entrance off
    of Taylor Street NE. I don't know what happened to us in that
    few moments... Were we not listening? I think I was too wrapped
    up in the action - but when we turned around.. They were gone;
    lost in a pile of mindless zombies.

    "NO NO NO NO GODDAMNIT NO!", Eric yelled. We were getting
    surrounded. They were running at us, through the woods, on the
    street... They were piling on cars and jumping over them. One of
    them got Eric from behind - threw its arm under Eric's left arm and
    brought it up, making him loose his grip of his gun. He grabbed his
    face, squeezed his loose skin, and spun his head around. He screamed
    one last time before they began bashing his chest in. You were
    able to see the shattered bones pop his heart, spewing blood all
    over the ground. We had to leave him.. I didn't even have the heart
    to kill him before he turned into a zombie. Who knnows, maybe he'd
    be a good zombie or something.. You know, like in the movies..


    cried. I couldn't tell if that was sweat and blood, or tears and
    blood. Either way, he was under every type of stress right now.

    "We head East, Jeff. We keep going until we can see the
    CUA football field!", I yelled at him.

    Then we hauled ass. We ran and fired our guns, being fueled
    with every drop of fear in our bodies. We kept getting pushed back;
    hordes of 20 would charge at us, giving us no space to run. We'd run
    until we encountered them, then we walked backwards and fired. Then
    we'd do it again.

    We reached Capuchin College. We were positioned on the
    west side of the building when we were getting attacked heavily.
    I told Jeff to stop shooting and run away, but he refused to listen.
    He kept shooting until.... his gun ran out. Then he was mauled,
    ripped apart, and eaten.

    I'm left alone in Washington D.C. 7:17 AM on August 2nd,

    Number of civilians in a reasonable rescue area: 0
    Recently counted number of zombies in Washington D.C: 3805
    Survivors: 1

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    Re: MiLink's Outbreak - A Survival Story

    I would read this. But the format is horrible. Why is there a new line every few words? Do you understand the word 'paragraph'?

    Also from what I glanced... And I glanced, this is a generic USA zombie story. It's just 28 days later set in America.


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