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    All of actons literature

    This is some stories i've written. I put them all in spoilers because it would take up the entire page if i didn't. it roughly goes in order from best to worst but i probably got it mixed up xD

    cold metal[spoiler:1j1wxwfj]Splash sat down, twiddling a stick in between his robotic fingers. He sighed, not being able to feel any sensation in his left arm made him feel in-human. That along with the fact he killed for money, he took innocent lives just so he could satisfy his own selfish needs. The phone rang
    "Agent splash, we have another contract for you. His name is rusty lives out by the old lighthouse, i want this done nice and clean, you hear me?"

    Before splash could reply the phone cut off, "great". He loaded a bullet into his mechanic arm and set off.

    It's a lovely night, rusty said to himself. Things were finally starting to look up for him, Bonnie (his girlfriend) just agreed to marry him. He had never felt happier and felt at last, he belonged in the world.

    Splash felt the cool wind trailing over his hair, This is the LAST contract he said to himself, confidently. He walked over to the door of the light house. "hmm, locked" he exclaimed. With a swift kick the door flew down and splintered into a thousand pieces. "What the Hell" Rusty shouted, He ran towards his desk and pulled out a revolver.

    "You think you can come here and threaten me!" He shouted. The power of his voice reverberated across the walls.

    "Sir, i am only doing my job" splash shouted back
    Before long he reached the top of the stairs, ready to complete his last contract. It's over now rusty, "i've got you cornered".

    "You can't take this away from me, i am getting married, i will have children"

    Splash responded by moving his arm in the direction of rusty's head

    "No!!" Rusty shouted, he squeesed the trigger and a blinding flash filled the room.

    Splash lay on the floor, He coughed blood and barely tasted it. He could feel his death coming. ".. Sorry" He weakly whispered. Those were the last words splash ever said.[/spoiler:1j1wxwfj]

    Infected [spoiler:1j1wxwfj]"Vladimir.. VLADIMR"

    "wha. What!"
    "Konstantine there's been a reported injury on floor 17, come with me"
    Vladimir followed konstantine through the long winding corrodor, they walked briskly. Suddenly vlad shouted out
    "What about Alice!" What if she's hurt.
    "The message was clear, it was a man who was injured. Your wife is fine sir"
    They carried on for what seemed like several minutes, until they came to a halt. Stood before them was a steel door, it looked as though it was taken from a ship. Konstantine stood foward and pulled hard on the handle, it thrust open.
    "ALICE" Vladimir shouted in horror. As he saw her lying on the floor. Large scratches covered her body.

    "I'm fine" she said weakly "But Adrik..." She pointed to a wooden door. The window was covered in blood. "Swallowed the virus.. all of it"

    "Stand back vlad". Konstantine said as he drew a pistol. He made his way to the door cautiousley. "Adrik. ADRIK" He shouted. But the only reply konstantine got was a loud screech. He walked up to the door, and swiftly kicked it down. Before konstantine had time to react a man leaped out from the back of the room, he was wearing nothing. The creature lunged at him, then bore into his neck. Vlad charged with a short knife, and stabbed Adrik in the face. He waited until he was sure it was dead, then knelt down to konstantine.
    "Need to destroy last traces of... virus, Alice.... vlad take my pistol. Be strong comrade" He whispered, shortly before grabbing the knife on the floor, and cutting his own throat.

    Vladimir approached alice. Tears streaming down his eyes. She turned round and screeched, then sped towards him. Vlad screamed and fired the pistol.[/spoiler:1j1wxwfj]
    Lotr thing[spoiler:1j1wxwfj]Frodo lay down on his blanket and took out a leather flask of water, he sipped the cool liquid and felt it trickling down his throat a wave of relief came over him, after making his descent down mount doom the fumes quickly got to him. Unfortunately he just drank the last of his water which meant he would have to get back quickly, yet he still had to find Bilbo they were separated soon after a land-slide, but at least he could sense that he was still alive, that was something.

    Frodo quickly glanced at the stump on his middle finger where golem had bitten it off along with the ring, he had felt ashamed that he gave in when he was so close, in the end it only got destroyed because of an accident. That was over now, and he had other problems to face, one of them being figuring out a way of defending himself, his sword was now useless without his middle finger. He then remembered the skills gandalf taught him, of course travelling with the worlds greatest wizard meant he was likely to pick up a few tricks, he was taught some basic spells and learnt how to defend himself using magic as well as several other useful tricks. This is why he had managed to sense Bilbo, But it wasn't that easy, using magic came with a price as for every spell he would cast a portion of his energy would be drained. Of course this wouldn't be permanent just until he would regain his strength.

    Using spells would drain as much energy as it would to perform that action normally, so if he threw an orc half way across mordor that would be the equivalent of him grabbing that orc and throwing it himself. Perform a action that required too much energy and it would keep taking it out of him until he was dead. Using magic was limited to the elven words he knew. He would have to know the word for whatever he wanted to control and whatever he wanted to do to it. He remembered a couple of words and had some wrote down on a parchment, He didn't have time to read all of it so he looked up how to throw a fire ball which was Wurffeuer which literally meant 'throw fire', he put on his boots and crawled out of the tent, some rocks crumbled under his feet but he didn't notice.

    He scoured the landscape looking for any clues but found nothing. He decided to backtrack hoping he could find Bilbo and get the hell off this god damn mountain. After 2 hours of searching everywhere he had been he decided to use the aid of magic. He could sense where he was and communicate with him, Of course this would require a great deal of energy depending on the distance, but luckily he learned a useful trick to sort the problem out. In emergencies gandalf taught him how to draw power from the plants and animals around him, Doing this would quickly kill anything within a 200 ft radius depending on the what type of animal it was and how big, the same applied with plants. He was told to use this only in emergencies but if he didn't get down soon dehydration would soon take it's toll he thought. Just as he raised his hand to do the deed a scream howled through the air

    "FRODO!" Bilbo screamed, Frodo saw Bilbo running faster than he had ever seen him do before, it seemed two orcs were following him, They both carried swords and were twice as fast than any human and had extrodinary stamina. Bilbo had no weapon and was forced to run for his life, even if he did have something to defend himself with he wouldn't last two minutes. Frodo quickly leapt infront of Bilbo and stood directly opposite the orc on the left who kept shouting "kill the fat one!"

    "Leave him alone" Frodo screamed

    "Or what? you're going to punch us to death?" Laughed the orc who immediatly noticed the absence of any weaponry and also his 'disability'

    "If you leave now I won't harm you"

    The orc just laughed again and lunged at Frodo, before his sword made contact Frodo shouted WURFFEUER!. Unexpectedly his palm started glowing white, then whithout warning a wisp of fire protruded from his hand and hit the orc straight inbetween the chest. He stopped and fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, writhing in pain. He shouted the words again and hit the other orc in the same place, and his actions were the same as the other one. Bilbo was oustounded, he had never even seen gandalf cast spells and now his best friend just took down to orcs using nothing but his hands! Frodo gasped for air then collasped onto the floor, killing both orcs had made him feel like he just ran 5 miles. Bilbo slumped onto the floor next to him.

    "That was awesome!"[/spoiler:1j1wxwfj]

    war[spoiler:1j1wxwfj]"Ahah! take that" officer mccart said in a loud voice

    You enjoy this too much i told him, but he did not listen and carried on shooting.

    He was sturbburn and would not listen to anything i had to say, i gave up and slumped against the garden wall. We had been sent to patrol the outskirts of berlin, catching any germans that tried to attack our infantry from behind. I shot about 2 men before it became unbearable. These were people of about 16, i couldn't bring myself to shoot anyone that young. I decided to leave it to the rest of the company, as they do not see the world the way i do. These people had lives, the boys were growing into men and had a life ahead of them, and the men had wives, children, parents to think about. yet they were extuinguished from existance like you would a flame on a candle.

    I hoped we could get this over with as soon as possible, with me killing as little men as possible, i couldn't help it though if i had more expierence with a rifle than all of my friends put together. The day went by slowly, i wasn't needed anywhere, and my company could handle themselves, It wasn't until 4 hours later that someone had spotted enemy troops, A small group of about 15 was trying to flank us from the right. They had 3 times as many men than us but they were young and in-experienced, I wished that wasn't the case. I had to warn the others, i couldn't let them just shoot us all. The sargant turned round

    "Attack!" he shouted

    Bullets whizzed around the air, I was right. the troops we were facing were in-expirenced. They fired from the hip and didn't even go for cover. It was a massacre, and i was glad i was not a part of it. I stayed right where i was. Suddenly Out of no-where a grenade exploded infront of me. I was shocked and dirt got into my eye, distorting my visability. I looked around and made out a figure in the distance, it couldn't be sure of what it was, but to me it looked like an enemy holding a gun. I had no choice but to shoot him. I pulled out my pistol and sure enough landed the bullet straight inbetween his eyes. I rubbed my eye and the world seemed to come back into focus, around me the men were looking at me, as though i had done something morally un-acceptable. I assumed they were suprised at my shot, i was used to marking my targets perfectly, it shouldn't of come as that much of a shock to them.

    I slipped my pistol away and made my way to the man i shot, i hoped i had only struck his arm, and that maybe he could be saved. As the body came into veiw i stood still, frozen by horror. Tears streamed down my cheeks, my hands were shaking uncontrollably, I felt sick and could barely stand up.

    After the tears stopped, i knelt over the body. I had not shot a soldier. It had been a woman carrying a baby. The explosion made it dificult to point out what it was and it could of been a danger to my entire company. The baby had died when it hit the floor, there lay two corpses infront of me, one of a child and one of a mother. I closed my eyes and un-holstered my pistol, and aimed it at my chest. I took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger.[/spoiler:1j1wxwfj]

    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.

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    Re: All of actons literature

    The way you've defiled the Lord of The Rings is... vile.

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    Re: All of actons literature

    The Lord Of The Rings thing... WTF MAN.

    My heart BROKE when I read that.

    Your stories (although I only read 2) have no voice of their own. Such generic description and... well, unrealistic speech. You need to write something that comes from you. Not from everything else you've ever seen. Assassins with mechanical limbs? Gimmie a break :P
    And I'm sorry but you used the word "Awesome" in the LOTR story... Oh god.


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