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    This is my random story that I'm writing. To be honest, I have no clue whats actually gonna happen, I'm just sorta writing it as I go along.
    [spoiler:242fh2wc]My name is Adam Sailers. I’m sixteen, and I have short, dark hair and freckles. Last time I measured myself, I was about 5’11”, but that was a couple of months ago. I’m 11 stone, live in a suburb near London and I have two sisters: Lilli and Emma. My life is boring.
    ‘Oh, what the hell, Adam,’ Laura screams as I charge down the stairs before her.
    ‘Get out of the way!’ I yell, almost tripping myself over when I reach the last stair. Laura is seventeen, and apparently wanted a sister before I was born. Emma is fourteen, and I think the only reason she was born is because Laura and I have always bickered and fought, ever since we were toddlers. I suppose it’s just brotherly/sisterly hatred.
    ‘What’s going on?’ Mum shouts from the dining room. Mum looks a lot like me, except she’s got auburn hair. She’s got lots of wrinkles, probably because she has to look after three kids all the time. Dad is off fighting overseas. I don’t really think there’s any point to the war, it’s probably just a fight for oil. Again.
    I ignore mum as I continue running through dining room, out the door into the garden. Stopping a bit too abruptly, I trip and fall into the rose bushes. Standing up, I look around as I pull some thorns out of my arm. Peering over the garden fence, I see somebody running through the neighbours’ gardens. I dash after him, cursing under my breath. I’m the quickest kid in the year, so I should catch this guy up quickly. Getting closer now, I try to distinguish what idiot has tried to steal our rabbit.
    Our rabbit is called Fluff. I know it’s not a very inventive name, but Emma named it. I don’t really care for it, but apparently it’s really rare and expensive. My uncle Dave gave it to us after a trip to America, and it’s supposed to be one of only five or ten left in the world. Because of this, it’s worth over 1,000. For some reason, people are always trying to steal Fluff, whether they’re animal rights activists or people who just want to sell her. It may be selfish, keeping her from animal rights people, but we think it’s worse stealing a rabbit just so you can force it to breed relentlessly. Just as we run into a garden with a huge swimming pool, I rugby tackle the burglar, punch him, and grab Fluff.
    ‘Piss off, mate.’ I say as I start to walk away. The burglar looks at me, and I recognise him from a previous encounter. I start to run back, placing Fluff under my shirt to keep her safe.

    ‘Got Fluff back’ I say as I walk back into the kitchen. These attempted burglaries happen once every month or so. It’s annoying, but it keeps me in shape when there aren’t any competitions.
    ‘You want breakfast?’ Emma asks. Even though she’s only fourteen, Emma is easily the most responsible one of our family, and me and her get along really well, unlike Laura and me.
    ‘Hello? You want breakfast?’ She asks again.
    ‘Oh, yeah, sorry. What’s on offer?’
    She snorts, and points at the fridge,
    ‘Look in there, pick something out, and eat it.’
    ‘Then why did you-’
    ‘To annoy you.’
    She smiles, and walks over to the dishwasher, while I groan and check the fridge. Glancing at the stacks of food lined up in the fridge, I pull out a Pot Noodle, and open it.
    ‘You’re having a Pot Noodle, for breakfast?’ Laura asks with a sneer.
    ‘Well, it has energy, doesn’t it?’ I reply with a similar expression. We really should have grown out of this schoolchild arguing, but I think we do it just ‘cause. Heating up the kettle, I turn round and start to make conversation, but I stop. Laura has a look on her face; one I’ve never seen before. She looks troubled, but more fearful than her usual teenage girl mopes. She’s staring into space, looking straight at the spice cupboard.
    ‘Laura? Hello?’ I say innocently. She doesn’t respond. Emma’s left the kitchen, getting her school stuff ready. Should I get her, to see if she may know any reason why Laura is acting this way? Nah, it’s probably Laura just being stupid. I walk out the door, and head for the living room, to see if I can sneak in a couple of minutes of TV before breakfast. Mum’s sitting on the sofa when I walk in, with the same expression as Laura. What the hell is going on?
    Suddenly, mum jumps and makes sharp breath.
    ‘Sorry, what’s happening?’ mum asks, unaware she was just temporarily a vegetable,
    ‘Oh, nothing.’ I reply. Moving back to the kitchen, I hear the kettle boiling. Just enough time to eat my Pot Noodle, then it’s off to school.[/spoiler:242fh2wc]

    tom this is a piece of your history as a human being i understand if you still want to remove it but know that in doing so you will be removing a part of yourself
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