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    SAFE - The Journal of a Zombie Apocalyspe

    The Journal of a Zombie Apocalypse
    Day 1:
    I’ve found some abandoned warehouse and it looks like the people died defending themselves. There’s blood in one of the supply closets, it’s a trail leading to a pool where there seems to have been a gruesome scene ending tragically. I’ll try and see if I can barricade the broken windows, if I were to judge, I’d say poorly made barricades led to their demise.
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Sorry…Journal, I was extremely exhausted yesterday, the surviving barricades were so defectively made, I had to run across the street to the already somewhat depleted hardware store. I wasn’t bothered by any infected, or what most people call them, “zombies”. Really this is an overreaction, because any sign of cannibalism and laziness is related to zombies apparently. The “symptoms” of this disease are irrefutable rage, drowsiness, loss of coordination, and (I don’t really know if this is a symptom or not) cannibalism. So, basically, you have rage induced lazy ungainly people that like to eat other people. Back on subject, I’ve barricaded all but two windows, both of them separated by a room. I’ve moved one of the unfilled cabinets in front of the first window, and too drained to continue; I just went ahead and locked the door to the second window.

    Day 4:
    Nothing more than a discovery and finishing the work I had started yesterday. The discovery being an unfinished drainage and filtration system. The drainage part of the system is finished, but the filtration part, is, well, it looks like somebody got some sticks and overused a hot glue gun. I’ve gotten an excellent amount of supplies from the survival store (Wal-Mart) down the road, it was pretty well stocked up, but it’s always nice to have a backup plan.

    Day 5:
    I’ve decided to leave the safety of this “shelter”, to go down the road to the survival store and get some matches and maybe some more food because I don’t want to be caught without enough supplies for a traveling survivor or two, that reminds me, I need to start working on a sign to let them know the warehouse is safe. There are trees outside of it…maybe I should get an axe.

    Day 6:
    I’ve been hearing some distant fog horn sounds, I’m going to try not to go too far, but I’m going to “scout” ahead and see what it is.
    Day 6, entry 2:
    I didn’t even get 5 feet from the warehouse before I saw the massive horde of zombies around the department store. It seems as though that’s a distraction for them. Not only does this give me a sign or surviving life, but it gives me a sign of surviving intelligent life. I better start on that sign.

    Day 7:
    I’ve gotten an axe from the back room, along with some spades, and hoses, but I’m having a horrific time carving the letters for the sign. It’s a short axe with a rounded butt, and an annoying grip. It seems to have been used for a while before I got here. I might have to switch to paint, but I don’t really like the idea that it might get washed away if it rains. I’m started to get worried, I saw a few infected next to the hardware store across the street, they weren’t bothering me, but I’m terrified of what I’ll have to do to defend myself. All I know about them is that they seem to be more active during night or cold weather. It’s autumn now, I better get prepared.

    Day 8:
    The axe seems to be getting dull extremely rapidly, but I want to save my spade for when I actually will need it, maybe I’ll build a moat! Sometime later this week, I’m going to go and see if the survival store has anything worth “buying” for self-defense. To be honest, I haven’t even checked the firearm section.

    Day 9:
    Yes! I’ve finished the sign, hopefully it’s clear enough, it says “SAFE”, if they can’t figure it out, I’d most likely be better off. These journal entries seem to be getting smaller by the day. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I think it’s starting to get boring…..or I’m getting lonely.

    Day 10:
    I’d rub it in my dad’s face right now if I could, he always said that those zombie games I played would never help and I wouldn’t make it a week in a real zombie apocalypse. Poor Dad. I’ve gotten some firearms from the survival store, and I took a saw from the hardware store. I had to do it hastily because there were about 10 zombies in there. The firearm, or I should say, firearms, are 2 pump-action shotguns, and a pistol, strangely I couldn’t find any kind of rifle. Of course, over all, I would have preferred a flamethrower. I’ve gotten about 300 rounds for pistol, and about 450 shells for the shotgun. Hopefully, I won’t have to use any, because between whoever is reading this and me, video games don’t help you shoot people.

    Day 11:
    First day I’ve been able to explore feeling safe. Thankfully, I didn’t have to shoot any rounds, because frankly, I haven’t even learned how to reload. I’ve learned the beyond that survival store is what seems to be the decaying ruins of a clothing store, I can’t even tell which one. As I went on, I discovered an overrun military “set-up”. Basically, it was a makeshift bunker made out of crudely shaped wood blocks and a great deal of sandbags. I decided I’d probably need the sandbags later, and seeing as I’d need to scavenge anything I could, I would have to come back with a backpack to carry them in. That was the least of my worries. I kept walking but didn’t find anything significant. On my way back, I looked at the clothing store, nothing seemed to be on fire or been damaged other than the front. Vigilantly, I had gone in the front, hoping to find some kind of cloth to make a temporary bag. I was surprised at how much clothing was left undamaged. I grabbed a few coats, thinking ahead to winter, and some sturdy-looking garments. I could probably find some scissors to cut the cloth, even if I found a sewing machine, I don’t think I should carry that all the way back, seeing as it’s getting dark, and I don’t want to be attacked by the “zombies”.

    Day 12:
    Haha! I’ve found some people around 6:00 PM after I went back to the clothing store today! I was walking along the (downtrodden, I may add) road and out of nowhere some people said something like “Are you a RAD, man?” They were hiding in a tremendously well-hidden…well…hideout, so it seemed. It sounded like a surfer, and I hadn’t exactly…taken a liking to surfers. Either way, I turned around almost the second I heard it. They could obviously tell I wasn’t a “RAD” because they took a sigh of relief, and asked what I was doing. With my ever-so-clever comebacks, I said “Exploring, sir.” Awkward silence. “Don’t have t’ call me sir, man.” Then he proceeded to walk out of the hideout, which I think was some kind of hot dog stand with a truckload of sandbags. It smelt like sand that was burning. After the surfer walked out, I heard a voice from the hot dog stand call out “What about sermons?” It sounded like a young woman. Probably about my age, actually. “Nothing, honey” said the surfer. Who’s that?” I asked. (I’m glad manners don’t matter in a zombie apocalypse) “M’ wife.” the surfer said. “Aren’t ‘cha ‘little young t’ hava’ gun?” I was so tempted to say “Isn’t your wife a little young?” but I knew that might ruin my chance with probably the only uninfected people I’ll see in a while. Instead, I said (I feel so rhymsy today) “Well, I ain’t gonna defend myself with my fists, now am I?” I said. “True, man.” We stopped talking for a bit, another awkward silence I guess, but he kept looking across the horizon for some reason. “Wait, what’s a RAD” I asked. Not exactly my best icebreaker. “Really Annoying Dudes, man. Its dos’ infec-ja-med.” At that point, I was praying to every God I knew of that the young girl was smart. “Okay, I’m done” said the girl hanging out of the stand. She had sandy hair with freckles and a scrunched forehead. Kind of like the surfer. “Oh, hey little boy! You wanna come eat with us?” Little? You’re 3 years older than me! “I made some vegetarian stew.” “Yeah! My favorite!” said the surfer. He’s a surfer AND he’s a vegetarian. Oh my god. “Actually, I have some food back at home; I’m sorry, don’t want to waste any. Are you guys staying here, by any chance?” I had asked. “Uhhh, yeah, fora’ few months, yeah.” said the surfer “Where you living anyway?” I told him then I showed him. I hope it wasn’t that hard for his brain. He asked if I had anything set up there, and I told him all the things I had setup, and the store surrounding my hideout. He says “He might com’ check e’ out.”

    Day 13:
    Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes! I was going outside for some fresh air, and I just all of a sudden wondered if there was a “back” to the warehouse. I went to the back and there were 3 potato gardens and (maybe the ones from the store?) 3 rifles! I cannot believe I could be this lucky! I love my curiosity. I’ll pick the potatoes out sooner or later, but right now I might as well go to the gardening store a few blocks out that the surfer told me about.

    Day 14:
    Today, I decided to put some extra barricading on the front of the warehouse and maybe a fence if these zombies have any intelligence. Bad idea, the second I hit the tree, the axe’s handle went into a splintering rage and nearly chopped my leg off as it flew back, I’ve only got a few cuts luckily, but that was to close for comfort and I’m out of an axe for now. I’ll keep the head of it..for..um..”Safekeeping”, might come in handy to throw at “something”.

    Day 15:
    This morning, around 7:00-8:00 am, I had woken up probably about 5 or 10 minutes before I heard a knock on the door. I almost literally did a back flip when I heard it because I was only about half-awake and I was yawning. The people outside must of heard the racket I made because a few seconds after I got up off the floor; they came bursting through the doors like a pack of wild animals. I think my Dad’s analogies are rubbing off on me. Anyway, it was the surfer and his wife, fulfilling their promise to come and check my warehouse out. I’d feel like I was on that show “Cribs” if my warehouse wasn’t almost completely empty. The first thing that was said came from the surfer saying “What ta’ heck ‘appened o’er here”. “Nothing, you just startled me.” I said. “Yeah, yeah, so ‘dis, uhh, drain-nage and felt-tation system, eh? What’s it do?” asked the surfer. “It’s over here in the corner, it’s only partially functional, but, the drainage of the water from the gutter and ground works, but it’s pretty much as bad as just drinking it from the source at this point, seeing as I don’t know how to make a working filter, I’m exploring the Wal-Mart down the road for parts and otherwise, but so far I’ve had no luck” I said. “Mhmm, Mhmm,” said the surfer with the utmost confusion “so, uhh, do you have any, like, barri’-codes ‘er somethin’?” “Uhh, yeah, I’ve set up a few just at the front window, I was going to make a fence for the two passage way to the back, but my axe broke when I tried to cut the trees, so I’m hoping the hardware store or Wal-Mart has some fences.” I said. “Does it still have a lot of supplies?” asked the surfer’s wife. “Yeah, it’s pretty well stocked up, this town was turning into a tourist attraction right before the disease hit, so that probably explains that much people and why it’s still stocked up, the hardware store, however, was used before me by the previous owner of the warehouse to barricade, and protect it, he did a very poor job, and wasted a lot of materials, so it’s almost out” I explained. “Mhmm” said the surfer “so, can we move our cart down here? Next to your warehouse?” “Yeah, sure, but do you have any supplies or food or guns or anything with you?”I asked optimistically. “I’ve got a M16A4, it’s a machine gun, man, it’s AWESOME!” said the surfer “and Lily’s got a fire axe, dude, it ain’t good for cuttin’ but awesome for choppin’! Not that, uhhh, she had to use it ‘er nothing.” “Well, awesome, I’ve got 2 shotguns, a pistol a 3 rifles in the back, I’m well supplied on ammo for the shotguns and pistol, don’t think I have any ammo for the rifles though.” I said. “Well that’s aight, we’ll move ‘er down ‘ere tommora’.” said the surfer.

    Day 16:
    I keep thinking I missing something in this whole thing. I can’t figure it out; it just feels like something is empty. It’s probably me, just finally realizing the seriousness of this whole ordeal. I’ve found some people, I’ve got protection, I have a shelter, and I have food. It’s just…empty.

    Day 17:
    The surfer, and Lily, his wife, somehow rolled the cart downhill without losing control of it, which I am partly happy for, gives me all the more supplies. When they finally rolled all the way down the hill, I was waiting for them at the door and we exchanged awkward greetings, and I asked them where they wanted to put it. “Ya got a back ta’ ‘dis..were-house” asked the surfer. “Oh, yeah, sure, you can park it next to the potato garden.” I said. “YA HAVE POTATOES!?” exclaimed the surfer as he pushed me out of the way running to the back. About a minute later, we heard a joyful scream, me and Lily were both laughing. I started walking to the garden, I didn’t know if Lily was following me or not, but as I got there she was right beside me. When we saw the surfer, he was on his knees, I think crying. “You’ll ‘ave to excuse him, Dave hasn’t seen any potatoes since we left home.” said Lily. Dave and Lily. It was pretty late when they got here. Around 7:00 pm. I thought it would be best to go ahead and show them their room. I went to bed after that.

    Day 18:
    I’ve found out the name of the 4 guns I have. Firstly, the 2 pump-action shotguns, which are the Benelli M1 semi-automactic shotgun, then the one pistol, which is an Italian gun, the Beratta Cheetah. The rifle, on the other hand, is a polish sniper rifle, called the Bor Rifle. It doesn’t seem to have a scope, and I still can’t find any ammunition for it. I feel better to know what I own and have a name for it. I found out what it was by reading a few books in the Wal-Mart store, I’m going to keep reading on about the functions (As in, how to reload, clean, repair, etc). Not much has happened today other than that discovery. Dave knows how to make good food with potatoes, so I’m glad for that, considering the food I have isn’t exactly…”fit for a king”, moreover fit for a beetle.

    Day 19: Dave and I were discussing some fun things to do, mostly to keep the morale up, and I brought up my potato cannon I made back in the 4th grade. Dave wasn't to keen to this idea at first, I suppose it's because I'd be wasting good potatoes, but I told him how it had broken my friend Kody's arm during an "accidental" misfire. He was pretty hyped at the idea of breaking zombies' faces, and said let's do it.
    The list of parts needed for the cannon are pretty commonly stocked up in hardware stores, although not the most ecstatically bought product, it's still pretty high in quantity. I've actually seen quite a few of those parts needed for the cannon. He said we would try and find the parts tomorrow as he would be swamped trying to help Lily with her cooking.

    Day 20: As I had expected, the hardware store has a plethora of the parts needed, probably enough for about 20 cannons or so. The things we needed were PVC pipes, RAID spray, matches, and some kind of heat powered air propeller...thing..either way it would work. Dave and I will set it up on the street, might even make some kind of sandbag barrier for it. We assembled it in about 3 hours, and we got it working about 15 or so mintues later. Considering the zombies were all still around the building with the fog horn distraction (Which turned out to be a raided McDonald's) and they were just scattering away from there, it would help for some..."long distance" aiming practice.

    Day 21: Lily finally made her potato soup she had been working on, according to Dave she has never really been able to work on it since the infection happened (I wonder why), but it was utterly amazing. I didn't even think you could make soup with potatoes, let alone good soup. Other than that, Dave and I had been practicing with the potato cannon again, we decided to stop early because the potatoes had been running out fast. I think I need to expand the potato garden. It never occurred to me, but the fence behind the warehouse isn't to sturdy, maybe Dave and I could tear that down and plant more potatoes.

    Day 22: Dave and I are going to start doing "patrols" around the neighborhood after we both expand the potato garden. What we are basically doing is looking for supplies or survivors. I still don't even know how the infection is spread, or if there is a way to treat someone, but then again if there were, everyone would be cured, right? I'm starting to get lonely, Lily and Dave aren't to much of company, most of the time is taken up by awkward silences more than talking. It looks like all I have is you, journal. I think I'll give you a name. Jacob... Jacob is a good name...

    Day 23: We had almost finished the garden expansion yesterday, until Dave thought it would be funny if he roundhouse kicked a a lone plank of wood down. He almost broke his foot, normally I would of laughed but he ended up kicking the plank of wood into my leg. That didn't hurt much, but I can't help but get the feeling my luck is going to run out and something terrible is going to happen. As of the accident, Dave thought it would be a good idea to do the patrol tomorrow.

    Second literature project ever.

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    Re: SAFE - The Journal of a Zombie Apocalyspe


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    Re: SAFE - The Journal of a Zombie Apocalyspe

    It's a bit generic. Why not try to do a standard survival story instead of a zombie themed story?
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    Re: SAFE - The Journal of a Zombie Apocalyspe

    I like zombie survival stories alot, but this one was a bit meh. It didn't really build up action, and there wasn't even action in it anyway.
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    Re: SAFE - The Journal of a Zombie Apocalyspe

    It is about 60/40 In my opinion, which is good.

    I would like to read more from you.
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