This is my first episode from a story I dreamed about once. Hope you like it.

[spoiler:2gux3sk4]It was probably the coldest night of the year and I was alone. Not the 'normal alone' but I REALLY felt alone, as though everything that ever happened, never happened, as if the times was paused and I was standing here waiting. 'Facing my inner demons', would Stan say, in his ordinary, arrogant way. Although we were, what you can call 'friends' I didn't like him. Not that I have ever liked anybody, but I developed a special hatred after the discussion we had 2 years ago, about the 'world' and his completely disturbed theories.
I was sitting on my red, strange shaped couch, as always, reading a book. It wasn't interesting, at all. I could say that I was not even reading it, only my eyes kept sliding throughout the lines with no real purpose as my conscious was not paying any attention to whatever the book was about.
Everything was quiet. Very queer, I thought, but I didn't really care. I, in a sudden movement, looked up and peered out the window that was on my right side. My position didn't really let me see much. It was dark; all I could see was that mist, thin and obscure mist, and Stan's house, wherein he was probably sodomizing his wife. His house seemed oddly dark, but in that night everything seemed obscure or dark, maybe because of the fucking blizzard. I don't know and, seriously, I don't give a damn about it.
I redirected my eyes to the book and read the title, ‘the Fibonaci sequence’.
‘You don't even know how to write a fucking book, ignorant, F-I-B-O-N-A-C-C-I.’ I said nonchalantly.

Suddenly all this calmness was destroyed by a phone call. I’m not feeling like picking up and, when I think of it know, It would have been better if I’d just ignore it and kept ‘reading' the ignorant's book.

‘Yes? Hello! Are you there Lopez? Lopez! I don't have much time’
Such a nice night and Stan had to call me?
‘Yes, Stan. What's up?’
‘Like I said I don't have much time. Everything I said was true. It's all true..’
‘Sorry, what?’ I said really interested, all of the sudden.
‘It's true. God damn it. It's all true. The codes, they are all right!’
‘Just explain yourself'
‘Fuck it. Look, you got to go to my computer and get the codes. They can't find them. Don't let anybody find them.’
‘Where are you?’

All of the sudden I hear some voices and the call drops. What was that? I donate know all I know is that I have to get to his computer, but what about his wife?[/spoiler:2gux3sk4]


[spoiler:2gux3sk4]I calmed down; as I know Stan he probably didn’t just tell me where the Codes are, he’s paranoiac and he certainly thought someone could hear what he was saying. He’s been interested in all of that esoteric crap since I know him, and he always takes everything very seriously.
I had to rewrite what he told me, which was probably the only way I could possibly figure out where the Codes are. Wait. What are ‘the Codes’?
I demand answers. I jumped from my red, strange shaped couch, which now seemed more like a sofa for some reason, and stormed through the living room to the kitchen. I grasped my notebook and a pen and starting writing. But one thing just kept echoing in my head. “It’s all true”
Wait. “Truth” That’s it. 2018 21208.[/spoiler:2gux3sk4]