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    FEAR IN A HANDFUL OF DUST/ Short Story chapter 1


    Looking at the ground ahead of me, I focused on the task ahead of me, getting home, without getting Taken.
    Children have been Taken before, it happens alot around this part of the neighbourhood, children go missing, turn up with blank expressions and bodies as hollow as Halloween pumpkins.
    A rustling in a bush beside me made me jump in horror, fighting my natural impulse to run i tunred my head to the source of the disturbance, a cat crawled out, mewling with confusion at me, letting out a pent up ghasp I continued my trek.
    An eerie disturbance passed through my body, with which I almost lost control of my bowels, quickening my pace, I took a short-cut through a lighted alleyway. A pair of slitted crimson eyes were watching me through the fence I walked past, smelling me, savouring me, remembering me.[/center:2imz5wme]

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    Re: FEAR IN A HANDFUL OF DUST/ Short Story chapter 1

    cool text nice done
    martykillerman was hire


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