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    Tomorrow Will Always Come

    ---Tomorrow Will Always Come---

    Say goodbye to the misery in life
    as we all say hello to tomorrow.
    With scarred hands, wipe the tears from your eyes
    and with them, all of your fears and your sorrow.

    Now wake up to the golden sunshine,
    and make way for the brand new day.
    All the clouds disappear before your eyes,
    and now there's nothing standing in your way.

    So now the path is set clear straight towards your destination,
    No road blocks will hinder you; only self restoration.
    This is what you will achieve if you can believe
    in yourself, because it's gone now say "so long"
    to your old self and hello to the new,
    and to all things that held me back I bid thee adieu.

    = Lionheart
    = PyroManiac

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    Re: Tomorrow Will Always Come

    Although I was on the phone and eating while making this poem I like the way it turned out.
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    Re: Tomorrow Will Always Come

    Yeah man, I like it...let's hope others like it (or even see it).

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    Re: Tomorrow Will Always Come

    I SAW IT

    I liked it, both of your parts were great.
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