I: The City.
Arid sewer lines litter the streets
branching walkways of crime that meet
within the paths of those who care
to put out a hit or take a dare
to bring down those who pull the strings
to destroy those wretched, horrid things

the city of life
the city of death
the city of your last breath
many have tried
many have failed
to put order into this desolate place

crooked police and straight crime
low level scum and repulsive grime
welcome to the place were dreams were made
into your nightmares, we bid you along
this The City
Death is it's song.

City of gold
tainted with sin
painted with blood
hell lurks within

path to glory
or shaft to hell
they found the secret
and one by one
they fell
By their own hands
they dropped like flies

captured within
the deepest chamber
lies a fuel for hatred
a hate to harbour

stronger by the day
it grows fuller
the secret they found
under this ground
source of their loathing
they found