“3 Anomalies, north and west.” Spoke a heavy, Russian voice, through a filtration helmet. “Got ‘em, through or around?” He replied. “Around, no point in wastin’ resources on these puny shits” “Got it. Let’s go”

They set off through a heavily wooded stretch of dirt; the air shook in front of them as the duo approached the anomalies. The skin on the back of their necks tightened as they reached a near point-blank range in front of one. “Check it” Spoke the Russian. “Got it.” The smaller, English accented one rummaged through his duster’s pockets, hand emerging with 2 bolts wrapped in a piece of cloth, he tossed it into the middle of the anomaly. The bolt burst into a shower of sparks and gas, falling to the ground and leaving a pitter-patter of scorch marks on the yellowed, dead grass. “Shit, another new one” Russian said, taking out a small notebook and jotting down some details. “This part of the VIRTUE is teeming with new ones” Small said, producing a pair of binos and surveying the surrounding area. “What does VIRTUE even mean?” the Russ said, sounding confused. “Vulnerable Institution Residing Throughout Underground Eldritch, in short, a cavern system underneath Eldritch” English spoke, “Wouldn’t it be simpler just saying Under Eldritch, for fuck sake.” “The world’s built around acronyms nowadays, m’pal” At that they set off further through the trail, towards a hulking piece of black coming from the dirt.

A large metal door came to greet them as they reached the behemoth, a small 12 digit keypad, worn by age was embedded into the wall beside it. “Break it” Rus said to Eng who flipped open a small, pebble like object, and extracted a wire from the bottom of it, plugged it into the keypad and tapped in a sequence. The slab of metal hissed open, revealing a black corridor, the lights flickered into life, revealing an antechamber of epic proportions. “Done.” Eng spoke boastfully, “Good job, almost a shame I “the last words broke into a mumble “Huh?” “Sorry buddy” A revolver came to Eng’s head, Rus pulled the trigger, and the tip of his skull disappeared in a flurry of bone splinters and a red haze. Rus took a small, coin like object from the corpse and examined it. “Hmph, a shame really.” He said, walking into the room and inserting the coin into a circular hollow in the wall.