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    I spit with sharp breath

    [center:111p29v7]Rap, rap -- It's the raven at your chamber door

    Grab the cask of wine -- slip on the masque of death

    Prepare yourselves this party goes on evermore, evermore

    I've got a liquid-sword and I spit with sharp breath

    I see more than the evil vulture eye

    Got a smile like the Cheshire cat

    Liquid-sword wrecked in ya face -- hang ya out to drip-dry

    Flow's quicker than that of a gat -- ratatat

    Grandmaster of linguistic theory -- princely artistic

    Time freezes when ya spread your wings man

    Through the toughest times we must remain optimistically individualistic

    So take off to that sky with a hue of cyan

    Take it from Bliss, Eso, and Izm -- avoid strife

    Become addicted to this universal feeling called life!

    Wrote it for my creative writing class.[/center:111p29v7]
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    Re: I spit with sharp breath

    That's some great shit Henry. Love the style to it, and the words just seem to fit. Sorry for the lame comment, but I don't know what else to say. Keep it up man.

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    Re: I spit with sharp breath

    Sexy. Liking the Edgar Allan Poe references; and you really are a little bit in love with Bliss N Eso, eh? :P

    Keep it up. It's nice to see some activity!

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    Re: I spit with sharp breath

    I really like the style of this. The way you used those long intricate words stringed together like that just seemed to flow perfectly; even without a constant rhyme pattern. Another thing that I like about this was all the references. It was kind of all over the place in that instance, yet still kept a pretty solid meaning.


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    Re: I spit with sharp breath

    Dude that was wicked, I even started singing it. First time I looked in the Literature section in a while, and I stumble upon this piece of fine art.
    Sick rap man.

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    Re: I spit with sharp breath

    Look mate, I had a long chat with the raven outside my door, and he's positive that he's not rap. So I have no idea what you're on about.


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