[center:2k64ujsq]Spiritus' Stories

[spoiler:2k64ujsq]The sky is blue. The wind is like a rhythm that strikes along his cheek. His eyes are pointed at the little wooden object in front of him. He canít stop looking at it. The sword in his hand feels as light as a feather. It feels like it could blow away anytime. Heís holding it loose, the point of the deadly katana, is buried in the grass, like a defenseless rabbit. Suddenly his whole body tenses, every muscle is working. A sharp look. His hand pulls up the sword automatically. He breathes. In position. His heart bounces. He closes his eyes. Focus. Feel the sword. Be the sword. A deep breath. He bows his knees. The grass is dancing with the wind. He waits. Waits for the right moment. A golden-brown leaf flutters down. As soon as the leave hits the ground, all his tension leaves his body in a jump. At his highest point, he raises his sword. The sharp ending shines in the fell sunlight. His sandals feel like he is able to fly with them. When he almost hits the floor, a quick strike hits the piece of wood. It cuts right through the middle of it. It bursts open and splints are flying all over. The sword hits the stump, where the piece of wood takes place on. The two halves fall over and one falls in the wheat grass. In a tenth of a second he puts his katana in its cover. He strokes his hand along the piece of wood and says: ďIím so sorry.Ē[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]
Psycho Switch
[spoiler:2k64ujsq]Someone, who's name will be Switch,
offended me and called me a bitch.
He took a knife and shoved it in my ass,
it could be a fork or a broken glass.
His hands were holding a very thin string,
He looked at me and said: Don't fuck with the king!
He circled the thing around my neck,
I could letterly feel his wreck.
Then he took a knife and cut out my eye,
it didn't work the first time and he gave it a other try.
At the moment I'm bleeding to death,
I'm typing this with my very last breath.[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]
[spoiler:2k64ujsq]Dear diarrhea,

Today Conor talked to me, I was like OMGOMGOMG. So I like told all my friends and stuff and they were like OMGOMGOMG. My best friend Paulie said: "OMG, he didn't.". And I said: "OMG, he did!". And she said: "OMG, he didn't.". And I said: "OMG, he did!". I was like so excited like you know and stuff. So when I came home I was like smiling whole day and stuff. So my mom asked like: "Why are you so happy Kate?" And I said like: "Mom, that ain't like your freaking business and stuff." And she said, like: "Oh, it's a boy, isn't it?" And I was like: "Yes mom, but shut up about it okay." And then my mom said that she wouldn't say a thing and stuff and then I dreamed about me and Conor doing naughty stuff... Like cutting or names in trees and stuff.

Kisses and love, Kaithee.[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]
Life sucks
[spoiler:2k64ujsq]He left his home. His wife dumped him. His children set his house on fire. Flaxay walks along the street. The light are marking the way with shadows. He sees a man. The man walks to him: 'Mister, could you help me?'. Flaxay doesn't know what to do, so he says: 'Of course, where could I help you with?' The man responds: 'Giving your man, asshole!', the man says. Hundreds of hobo's are coming from everywhere. They stab Flaxay everywhere and they take his money. After a few minutes, all the hobo's are gone. The only thing left is Flaxay and his underwear. When Flaxay is able to get up, he walks along a electronics store. He sees TV's behind the window. He takes a look at them, when suddenly all the TV's go on and Rick Astley sings: Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!'[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]
[spoiler:2k64ujsq]A nose as red as a period cup. A skin, more white than Michael Jacksons. Clothes worse than Lady Gagas. Yes, it's a clown! They follow me in my dreams, they hunt me on Twitter. They see right trough your fears with their gigantic eyes. They give you a balloon to hide that they want to grab you by your throath and slice your head off! They are waiting for that moment, when you are alone and they offer you candy. And as soon as you believe them, they pull you into their dark cicus hole in the ground where women with beards and and men making balloon dildo's are. Their eyes are pointed in you directions. They all come closer and closer. The rest isn't important, you body feels cold and isn't moving. Blood is dropping out of you mouth on the ground.[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]
[spoiler:2k64ujsq]She squirts like a fountain,
she has boobs like a mountain.
She was the sex God in bed,
but that bitch was too fat.
Her blowjobs weren't bad,
but as I already said,
what makes me a bit mad,
that bitch is too fat.[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]
[spoiler:2k64ujsq]"Whaaa!", screams Jesse when the guy with the black robe follows him. He has a cross in his hands. Jesse goes left, right, left, right, left, left, right, trough all the streets of New York City. Right, left. In the alley. "Damn it.", he says with the sweat on his forehead. "This alley is dead..." In front of him is a big wall, left is the trashcan, the perfect movie scenario. He turns around, the guy, who looks like a monk is coming to Jesse. "What do you want?!" The monk pulls out a knife... The man slows down, he looks up. Jesse is able to see a bit of his face. "Mr. Steward...", Jesse asks, "...is that you." "I'm here to help you Jesse, trust me." Jesse is about to cry, when suddenly Superman comes and safes the day. END.[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]
[spoiler:2k64ujsq]I feel the wett grass between my toes, it feels warm. My feet get all wett and muddy, but I'm fine with it. The wind strike along my face, trough my hair. It sweeps it in every possible direction. For the first time in my life I feel released. I feel my feet step between the leafs over and over on a high rate. Trough the woods, trees are flashing by, but I'm not paying any attention to it. I'm watching forward. I don't care where I'm going, just forward. The branches of the trees leave scratches one my legs and face. My clothes are getting ragged. My new blouse I saved my money for so long is getting eaten by the woods, but I don't mind. All that time I've hidden myself behind that mask, but now I'm willing to show myself. I want to be in the forest forever, but I know it's just a dream. I want to reach the end of the horizon, but I can't. I know these things are all just dreams, but they're the only things I've got. Maybe dreams come true, maybe not. I'm fine with it.[/spoiler:2k64ujsq]