A hail of piercing screams echoed throughout the walls, dust and smoke kicked up throughout the alleyways - the ghosts of an incident that just won't die. Two men ran out of a steel door protruding from one of the alley walls, both carrying SMG's, the one in front stopped near the entrance, lowering his gun and watching the corner. "Stay sharp, they could be anywhere." he said, his face was an ashen grey, drops of sweat slithered down, the other raised his hands to his forehead in salute and readying the guns they twisted through the corner,out into Hell on Earth.
The Patients were everywhere, mangled, twisted, human-shaped mounds of flesh, blood seeping from what used to be their eyes, the skin was a peachy colour, ironic that the complexion should beautiful, while the rest is death. The two men unleashed a scythe of bullets on the infected, spraying flowers of blood throughout the Square, a deathly scream blew from the gaping maw of one of them and a corral of the hungry flesh followed, ravenous and predatory. Their speed was amazing compared to the sheer size of their bloated bodies. They descended upon the two Reapers like flies on shit.

A leaping patient was cleaned up in mid air by a burst of bullet, the Reaper's team mate covering his ass, catching a straw infected's claw within an inch of the carotid, crimson spilled from the open wounds, along with an ugly, reverberating scream. Above the Square, atop the giant dome which covered the San Latueas Town hall, a red light started to flash, along with a squeal of white noise. "Damn, it's started again, we need cover" the left spoke, jamming the but of his gun into the crook of a patients neck,a horrid crack 'n' squelch followed as it landed in a heap of bloat. The two men took run into the streets again, a horde of those malicious beasts raving after them, blood rage boiling around their deformed minds.
The white noise started taking shape into a clanging sound, with a background of red-hot crackling, the creatures stopped mid-step, raised the stump which was their head to the Hall, and listened eagerly, a shudder passed through them.