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    EONS Rap Portfolio- "Stranger Sex"


    In this little town in south Detroit
    there was a boy
    and his name was troy
    and he had a dream
    he wanted to become a great M.C.
    the only thing was that he couldn't see
    He went for a car ride
    then a truck bust through the side
    But dude didn't quit
    he found himself starting getting gigs
    Pumping mixtapes in the streets
    getting hype couldn't sleep kept rapping to the beat
    his rhymes were sick. Yeah, his rhymes were sick
    grown men getting beat by this little kid
    Couldn't be mad at him, nothing but respect
    He was pretty good but you ain't seen nothing yet
    Now remember that this kid was young and blind
    But when every he rapped, he killed it every time
    Now I don't know where this kid learned to rhyme
    but I know his raps were really fly
    Hustled every night until he got tired
    started drinking coffee so he could stay wired
    Had no money, his mom just got fired
    and his dad was a mechanic who worked on truck tires...(Working Progress)

    Snatch and Grab

    In this little town in a town called Perry
    there lived a little girl and her name was Cary
    Believed in the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy
    loved ice cream, favorite topping red cherry
    Had a good head on her shoulders, very cool
    got up every morning, got ready went to school
    Had a lot of friends, loved her mom and dad
    She was a real smart girl never naughty or bad
    Well one day when her parents were at work
    Cary went out so she could play in the dirt
    Her parents warned her not to go outside
    they didn't want her out there unsupervised
    Then there came an ugly, rusty, big van
    driven by an ugly, rusty, big man
    offered Cary some candy smores
    Cary got in and he closed the door
    Little girl Cary disappeared for weeks
    her mom and her dad searching in the streets
    then one night the phone gave a rang
    The little girl was found hanged by rope and 'strang
    She was molested, she was stabbed
    This poor little girl was a victim of Snatch and Grab

    Stranger Sex

    I was our playing B-Ball with my homies
    I saw a pretty girl and she was looking kind of lonely
    Swagged up to her and asked her for her name
    she told me that her name was Alane
    Baby got chest, and baby got back
    probaly give a grown man a heart attack
    I said "Baby,Baby,Baby, why don't you peep this"
    "come over here and give me a sweet kiss"
    She came over and then wrestled my tongue
    did it so well the bells fucking wrung
    I said "Baby,Baby,Baby, I need some more"
    she gave me her address and told me to come at four
    I looked at her once more
    went to her house and wrung the door
    Alane...came to the door wearing nothing but high-heels
    looking at her tits, I asked her if they were real
    She showed me that she was a wild chick
    'cause right there in the doorway she sucked my dick
    Picked her up, took her to her bed
    spread those legs
    and I gave her some her head
    Fucked her so hard she wet the covers
    went down once more just to rub
    While I was doing her, I heard a sound
    I finally came then I turned around
    he looked at me and said "I'm gonna kill 'ya"
    i grabbed the bed sheet
    wrapped it around my meat
    then dashed for the street
    in my bare-feet
    I got away without scare
    got to my car
    and sped away far
    Well take my advice to stay away from danger
    "Never, I repeat, NEVER have sex with a stranger!"


    I call myself a CIA agent
    I see everything, and don't try to fake it
    Im always there,
    in the dirt, in the air
    Always on the move following you with my bus fare.
    Chilling out in your ear,
    'listenin to everything you hear,
    everything you say
    talking about "bla bla" and talkin about your day
    Its a pretty boring job to have
    but once you do the math
    Im on the right path
    'Lemme put it this way, I got a boring life,
    I like 'livin yours 'cause yours is quite nice
    neat and cool like ice
    rate yours a seven on a numbercube dice...
    thats right.
    If you want me to leave, I'm here to say I don't care
    just telling you to be aware
    that I'm still here.
    Guess whats next,
    I can see everything you text
    and the things you order from Fed-Ex...yes.
    Witnessed the dent that you put in the car
    and the martini you snuck from the mini bar.
    Anyway, just know that your being watched,
    and when you mess up, it's all your fault
    your deep-down secrets vault is unlocked,
    So hault,
    stop doing what your doing and you wont get caught.

    The World

    The World revolves
    things evolve
    sex,money, and drugs never dissolve
    people walk around with nothing to eat
    lookin down at the ground at their bare feet
    Tornados tearin up homes
    leavin people nibblin on chicken bones
    no phone, no communication
    this is a massacre, straight annialation
    convicts violating violation
    either going to jail or bullet penetration
    too much concentration on the small things
    nappy heads, ugly threads, people so mean
    Okay, the world needs some help
    but to change it, the first step
    isto change yourself.
    Number1, dont try to rise above it all
    acting like you all cool and acting like you all tall
    because the taller you are, the harder you fall
    so you better not mess up, better not drop the ball
    because as soon as it hits the flo
    its going to blow
    closin all the 'dos that you ever worked 'fo
    putting you back at the finish line
    better make up your mind
    your runnig out of time
    Thinking about what your going to do next
    but you cant do it, like some kind of hex.
    Got to start all over, page to page
    your getting so mad, you packed with rage
    you wanna leave, but your stuck in a cage
    Thats right, failing is your rival
    Only way to stop is to pray, but you forgot your bible
    Im done...

    Dangerous but Vunerable

    At night the streets go boom
    people to happiness and other people to their doom
    Kids buying and fryin with their pistol firecrackers
    slowly picking off all of the hard working slackers
    No care in their hearts or their heads
    if they don't like you, they pull the trigger and then you dead
    they don't shed a tear
    about killing someone you held dear
    not even near
    just love to spark up some fear
    thats why you gotta keep a straight face
    and bit by bit slam them into place
    but at the same time give them some space
    and don't rush things, stick to the pace
    Look them straight in the eye and say "Im not scared of you"
    but "I don't like the things that you do."
    "Why can't you be nice and let the world spin?"
    "Just pray to god and he can forgive your sin."
    But to stop, you must begin
    OR you can be taken away by the wind
    Swep away without a sound
    face down
    into the ground
    the opposite way of spacebound
    Duh, Im talkin about the jail without bail
    the hot-gritz pourind red-hot hell.
    As long as you can speak, you still have a voice
    its all up to you to make the life choice.


    Making three-pointers
    shooting free throws
    to get the highest scores, you gotta play low
    Gotta pass the ball
    don't be a ball hog
    On a team, theres no such thing as one for all
    Scope out your plan before you rush in
    it might not work but it sure helps you win
    no matter if your in the lead by one or ten
    you gotta use this strategy again and again
    And if the other team is beating ya down
    ya just have to play harder, hold your ground.
    Because hard work equals victory
    thats the definition that practice says to me
    no matter if you want to make it to the nba
    or its just a game you enjoy to play
    I am here to say
    no matter which way
    that basketball is more than a sports game.

    Got Toys

    I know you might think this is a silly little rap,
    but its pretty serious so take a step back.
    This guy right here swear he can rap better than me
    I want to tell him off but I just say leave him be
    I dont want to hurt his feelings
    with my spiritual healings
    he swears he's a blood
    but anyone can kill him.
    Look at him, he think he bad
    over here trying to sag
    when he raps he chokes and gags
    this ish really make me sad
    and I bet you youre getting mad,
    well sit there and take it
    it sucks being cooked and man you are bacon
    And I aint talking about the greasy kind either
    crispy, crunching,'ewww, neither
    Im talking about the kind when you getting tow up,
    from the ceiling down and to the 'flo up.
    See what happens when you underestimate me,
    you end up in a sticky situation, I call you honey bee.
    Now this time I'll let you go,
    just had to let you know
    that I use strong blows
    Now I aint saying Im one of the big boys
    but when it comes to playtime, I got toys.

    I Know How to Rap

    Check this out
    Im the fisherman and your the trout
    Im sure without a doubt
    cause I know what this about
    that there is no way out
    And you the first to shout
    will try to leave, will try to jump out
    But there is no leavin
    no decieve'n
    and if I were you, I would strongly start beleiven
    man Im being real
    you need to chill
    I'll eat ya up quick like a happy meal
    no time to heal
    suck up the pain
    this is my game
    dont know why you came
    ask anyone, they know my name
    what can I say, I guess its the fame
    now stop trying
    go home crying
    hug your teddy bear until your eyes start drying
    now next time you better come strapped
    don't take me for granted because I know how to rap.

    The Climb

    Back in Elementary School
    I was not cool
    People laughed at me on make-beleive pedistools
    But I kept doing what did
    head up even when I was a kid.
    I was pretty smart but I wasn't the best
    doesn't mean I failed ever single last test
    Straight A's on my report card
    which was cool becuase I really worked hard.
    Not so much I thought about girls
    more about how I was going to change the world.
    Maybe a doctor,cop,or a pilot
    something good was inside I just had to find it.
    One day I sat down
    looked around, at the sky and ground,
    suddenly it came to me
    didn't try to force it, it just came to be.
    finally I could see my dreams.
    In a little bubble on top of a ladder
    thought I had to climb didn't see a silver platter.
    So step by step I got higher in the air
    the journey wasn't easy and always wasn't fair,
    but sooner or later I got there
    and it turns out there is here...yeah.

    Starvin and Drivin

    Dont have any money
    to buy bread and honey
    Its like you want to laugh, but there isn't nothing funny
    A lttle rice or a peice of meat
    something to put your heart back on beat
    or anything to exstinguish the heat
    of not having the ability to eat.
    The feeling of not eating for days
    it starts to bring up a weird kind of haze
    where it turns a cool breeze into a skorched blaze
    where it quickly makes temperatures raise
    Its getting a bit too much for anyone can take
    it raises and raises and never gives you break
    water startes to boil until it starts to bake
    Okay bump it, you gotta cool down
    get blown out the sky,call it Blackhawk down
    someway, you gotta express yoself
    you at the libary write books for the shelf.
    Put your thoughts on the paper, let youself go
    gotta let it out before you get rigged to blow
    Im telling you because I know
    you got somethin inside you just need to show
    your talent so bright you starting to glow
    reflections bouncing of the floor
    your genius are the arrows you just need a bow,
    to shoot the target
    even if you are far from it
    stop trying to get closer, you need to stop argueing
    you need to take a leep of faith, even if you don't end up on the right way
    it called a steering wheel,
    you turn it the way that you wanna feel
    just remember that your thoughts are real
    and yo dreams are the only things that you need to steal.

    Life is a Game

    Some people say I can't rap
    but I dont care because I dont give a crap
    I do what I do and I do it best
    Its like this rap stuff is my treasure chest
    But Hey
    Im proud to say
    that I will never see the day
    when Im on stage
    people yelling and screaming my name
    if I ever make it big, I dont want it this way
    This rap stuff is nothing serious
    I do it when im high and dalerious
    Like I said before, I dont plan to change
    this is my life... and life is a game.


    We are animatas,
    we know the way of the ease,
    the spacing,
    the trailing,
    and... the... in-betweens.
    We make worlds unknown,
    our work is totally shown,
    Man it's more than just a hobby,
    it's apart of our souls
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    Re: Animatas

    Nice poem dude.

    And shot again. And again. And if you die you will still be shot again.
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    Re: Animatas

    Haha, I liked it. For some reason I thought of it more as a verse in a linkin park song. In Shinoda's voice.

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    Re: Animatas

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Farley
    Haha, I liked it. For some reason I thought of it more as a verse in a linkin park song. In Shinoda's voice.
    Wouldn't of thought if that but since you said I have to agree haha.

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    Re: Animatas

    Thanks, got the lyrics in my head when I was washing my hands in the bathroom. Maybe I should go do it again.Lol.
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    Re: EONS Rap Portfolio- "Got Toys"

    Added new rap lyrics.[/center:12pmc1z1]
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    Re: EONS Rap Portfolio- "The World"

    hey.... you know who i am..... i live next to you.... lol

    yeah man nice.

    im posting some of my stuff now.

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    Re: EONS Rap Portfolio- "The World"

    Thanks and cool, I'll check that out.
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    Re: EONS Rap Portfolio- "Stalker"

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    Re: EONS Rap Portfolio- "Stalker"

    nice work keep it up!

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