This is a story based on a dream i will never forget.

1. My Empire in the skies

As time came, my empire started to slowly fall apart. The farmers on the southern islands of my empire were tired of the small harvests they had and the taxes they had to pay. As many merchants retired because of the shrinking wealth, I began to think: "What was it that kept my empire from falling apart?". "Was it the peace, the progression that kept my empire together?". The war with our neighbour kingdom of Gailen was still raging.

2. Sleepless Nights

I woke up. The problems in my empire kept me from sleeping. Since my people weren't as fond of me as they were before, I decided to sneak out of my palace and take a walk in the streets. As i came by our blacksmith, i saw light and decided to pay a visit. As i came closer, voices were clearly hearable. I peeked through the window and saw two men. One of them, as i recognized, was the blacksmith himself. The other man wasn't clearly visible because he was wearing a robe. Before i knew it, two hands covered my face, followed by a hard hit to my head. As i opened my eyes, i was still dizzy from the hit to my head. The man in the robe was standing right in front of me. "This'll make you feel better" he said, when he pulled out a syringe with a glowing green substance in it. As he injected the substance, my eyes closed...

3. In the Lion's Den

When i woke up, i was tied to a chair. As i looked around, i recognized the room as some kind of control room. My attention was being held by the banners on the walls. On the banners, a strange emblem was clearly visible.

I'll continue it as fast as i can...