Oh joy are thy days of happiness that brings the human race to a standstill, thy angels shall grant men with worldly desires, alas, thy men shall pass great perils and endure thy unendurable, oil will ooze out of their very skin, the desire for death grows stronger within them, but the black angel eludes them once again, the human race, out of their desire for ultimate happiness will come the time of suffering.

The once gleaming, open sky that had given hope and freedom to those who had none slowly vanished, fields were grazed and livestock plummeted, more and more citizens had been reported either missing or dead. Reports of frequent City wide-Black outs had been reported all over the news, many pointed out that this phenomenon was, in fact, the work of the devil, while others argued otherwise. Everything was happening all at once, the world was in total chaos.

Strasburg, Virginia

Sirens and horns could be heard from the distance, as the Crimson sky looms overhead covering the earth and engulfing it in darkness. There was a sign though that read “EMERGENCY EVACUATION SIGHT 1500m AHEAD” a valiant effort to try and raise some spirits, but none too many. Ever since the sky had darkened, horrific events started taking place, none believed this until after central park massacre, no one ever had the courage to even set a foot outside their door. A village would always have barricaded entrances with blocked windows and men with guns. There were some hopefuls though. men who knew there was still time to act. One of which was Thomas Clark a man who lived in Strasburg, Virginia.

Frequent shouting and gunfire were all that could be heard, with the thick mist that had covered the village gave zero visibility and made them unaware of what was going on outside. As the Crimson sky drew closer, Thomas tooks this time for silence, he grabbed a dusty chair from under his desk and placed it in front of his window, staring at the blue sky, or what remained of it, he sighed as he slowly slumped on his chair.

“What is this, what’s happening, Oh God, what did we do to dese-“

A faint crackle could be heard from the distance,“BOOM”.

Thomas was thrown away from the window, his head hitting the side of his desk. He was dazed, disoriented and couldn’t get up.

“Thomas, Thomas, Oh my god, what happened here?” Leila shouted as she saw Thomas on the floor.

Oh it was nothing, just slipped is all.” Thomas shook his head, although disoriented tried to grab hold of the side of his desk “T’was just a…. My god.”


Forgive my vocabulary and poor grammar, this story is currently under work and I promise I will get right ahead to changing some of those errors.