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    Pen'd Poetry - December 13th - Hurting

    Snowy Picture[spoiler:sr8gn1go][center:sr8gn1go]Snowy hunt
    Snow covers a trail
    that a young boy walks
    he grips his rifle
    looking for a hunt

    a woman opens the mail
    she fears it may be her fault
    her son, gone for months
    how could her husband, pull such a stunt?

    the young boy flails
    against a wolf he has stalked
    the wolf opens its jaw
    to eat the boy's gut.

    the woman's job, may have failed
    she may have lost her mental block
    but the mail contains a snowy picture
    her son, holding the mutt.[/center:sr8gn1go][/spoiler:sr8gn1go]
    Rain falls on these empty gutters
    They resemble the tears that flow
    Against my cheek
    That holds this saddened face

    My lips stutter
    Speaking words that show
    To tell the memories I seek
    A never ending chase

    The fire burns bright
    it's warmth radiating
    onto my finger tips
    that hold this picture

    My mentor, a precious sight
    My beloved, never fading
    From this mind, and these lips
    that hold this picture.

    *Dedicated to my father, who passed away Sunday.[/center:sr8gn1go]

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    Re: Pen'd Poetry - December 13th - Hurting

    Very.... touching? I nearly shed a tear when I red this.
    Credits to Heathar for the wonderfull signature.
    I am proud of my good friend, Camel, on his accomplishment of earning Rank Team, as I hope to get there myself.
    Lithium for Moderator.


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