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    Reception Pending - To be continuuuueed

    "Cover that door, anyone comes, let 'em have it" - The marine swerved to the door, while he was at it, clicking the safety of the gun, a FN P90, US Secret Service standard issue, fully loaded. The place is a death-trap, large splinters of wood were abundant, along with a hash of broken glass, stools and things that we can only assume are chairs litter the corridor, the door Sen was guarding hung ajar, hustling footsteps and muffled shouts arose from the stairwell a few foot away. "Sir, they're coming up!" He spoke, hushed voice - good. "Place Claymore, manned." the Commander said to him, throwing an olive coloured box and a length of wire.

    Checking his fire Commander scouted the corners - more footsteps, there were more than originally thought, going at a solid pace, a crouch run towards the stairs on his end he took a cover beside the handrail, as well as fastening a clump of C4 to the low roof of the above stairs. "All set, we ready?" Sen said, anxious. "Wait till the get here, shit-stain." More footsteps, closer now.
    "Go, leave them for me, disabling shots, ONLY!" Someone screamed below, compared to what you've heard, the French are most definitely not a bunch of pansies. They were closer now - the footsteps, at most a stair or two away.
    "On 3" he said, giving the sign.
    They were getting close, he could hear the rattle of the guns' frames.
    The safety click.
    "Go Go! GO!" Com shouted, hitting the detonator on the C4, shrapnel rained upon the approaching coup, battle shouts were choked out among the explosion, smoke was bellowing from Sen's position, along with some volleys of gunfire.

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    Re: Reception Pending - To be continuuuueed

    In the first paragraph the tenses got a bit mixed up, but apart from that it was fairly good reading
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    How come the Enderman looks so much creepier in this screen-shot
    than in the actual game? Seriously...
    Because he's a nigger


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