This is something Ive been working on in my free time, Im mainly posting it for CC on my writing techniques, I want to improve a tad.

[center:1i5z7bjx]The Man on the Beach


The beach seemed to stretch on forever. That was all the man knew, that the beach seemed to stretch down the coast endlessly. He had woken up half in and half out of the water face down in the sand. Now he sat on the shore, looking out at the waves.

“Where am I?”

He wondered. Then a darker and more terrifying thought entered his mind

“WHO am I?”

All the man knew was that he had woken up in the long beach a short time ago. The sun had just been rising then, and now it sat in the sky, burning his face. He realized that he was thirsty, and he stood up. Walking down to the water’s edge he looked around. There was not an animal in sight, no birds or anything. That struck him as odd, but as he knelt to drink from the water, he realized he had bigger problems at hand.

His thirst quenched, he turned around and walked up the short hill. As he came to the top, he was greeted by the sight of a dense forest. The trees looked shady, and comfortable. The man began heading down the hill, looking forward to cooling off. Suddenly, he slipped and fell on a wet patch of grass. He tumbled down the hill, until he finally landed hard, and on his face. He laid there for a minute, and then slowly raised his head.


Staring him in the face was a pig. The man stared back at it, unmoving. The pig held that position for a short while more, and then trotted off. The man slowly got to his feet and looked around again.

Tress surrounded him on all sides, except for the hill back to the beach. He reached up and pulled an apple off of one tree. He looked at it, marveling at the condition of it. It had no worm holes, no bruises; in fact it looked like something he would find at a market. He took a large bite of the apple and began walking.

A short distance later, he happened across a strange beast. It was green, and walked about on for stubby little legs. He slowly walked closer, ready to run if it appeared hostile. The creature turned, and saw him. It began slowly shambling towards him.

“Well hey there, buddy.” The man said. “You don’t bite do ya?”

The creature just stared at him, stupidly. It turned its head, looked at a tree for a minute, and then looked back.

“You don’t look so mean.” The man said. “In fact, you look kinda cute!”

The green thing kept staring, and then it started to hiss.

“What are you doin’?” The man asked, getting nervous. The hissing got louder


The creature was also shaking, and beginning to swell. Something in the man’s head clicked

“Oh hell no!”

He yelled as he turned around and began to run. He leaped behind a dirt mound just as the creature exploded.


Dirt, rocks, wood, and what seemed like the creatures innards fell onto and around the man. He cursed and quickly crawled out from behind the pile. Where the creature had been was a smoking crater, that stank like rotten eggs.

The man brushed off his clothes, and turned around. He started to take a step, but froze in mid-stride. There was another green creature off in the distance, walking around on a short hill. The man swore, he would have to look out for those things from now on.

As he was walking by the crater, he noticed that the explosion had decimated a nearby tree. It was in pieces, not much remained standing. He walked over to it, and saw a good sized stick with a bulbous end lying near the remains of the trunk. He picked it up, and hefted it around. The weight felt good, and it was shaped perfectly. The man shouldered the branch, and began walking again. Now he had a club to fend off any more of the nasty green things.

The sun was now high in the sky, and the man seemed to be nearing the edge of the forest. He could see what looked like mountains up ahead. He pushed a branch up and out of his way, and stopped dead.

Staring the man in the face was a spider, a rather large one at that. Eight beady eyes stared back into the man’s two eyes, and the spider let out a small hiss. The man began slowly backing away, and the spider took a step forward. Very slowly, the man grabbed his club with both hands. If the spider decided to attack, he was going to bash it’s face in.

The spider didn’t attack; instead it hopped down the hill a short distance, and began milling about the trees. It seemed to have no interest in the man. He breathed a sigh of relief, and lowered his club.


The man heard a hissing noise coming from behind him. He had just enough time to register what it meant.

“Aw shi-“


The man was lifted up by the blast; he flew for several feet, before crashing down to the ground again. His vision was blurry, and his ears were ringing. He started to crawl towards a tree, until he blacked out and knew no more.


Hours later, the man woke up. His head was throbbing, and he could feel blood trickling from his nose. He slowly sat up and looked around. It was getting dark, the sun was setting.

“Wonderful” The man muttered. “Next green bastard I see is getting its head smashed into mush.”

He got unsteadily to his feet, his vision was blurred and he stumbled into a tree. He picked his stick up, and leaned on it for support. After a minute he felt better, and he started walking toward the mountain again. Along the way, he stopped at a small pool and washed the blood and dirt from his face.

The sun was getting low on the horizon, and that made the man worried. He was thinking about trying to find a small cave or something to sleep in, but the problem was he couldn’t see anywhere that looked good to sleep in. The man stood up again, and turned to walking another direction. A green beast was staring him in the face.


“Like HELL you’re gonna do that!” The man roared. He hefted his club up, and slammed it into the side of the creatures head. The thing let out a choked gasp, and the man struck it again. The green thing took a step back, and the man hit it a third time.

Finally the green thing toppled over, black ooze seeping from its gaping mouth. The man stood over it, breathing heavily and clutching the club, which was now covered in the same black ooze.

“Serves you right, you little shit,” the man muttered. He wiped the stick on the grass, and continued walking. He decided to walk along the side of the mountain until he found a bit of an outcropping, or a small cave to crawl into for the night.

The man walked for quite a distance without any luck. The moon was now climbing up over the horizon, and it was getting tough for the man to see.

“Dammit” he muttered. “I might have to sleep in a tree.”


The man jumped at the noise. He began looking around wildly for its source.


The man jumped, yelped, and began to run. The noises were scaring the hell out of him, and he wanted somewhere to hide. He raced along the side of the mountain, looking for any bit of shelter.

Suddenly a hand shot out of the ground and griped the man by the ankle. He screamed, and yanked his leg hard. There was a ripping sound, and the arm came flying out of the ground, with nothing attached to it. The arm ended in a bloody stump, with a shard of bone sticking out.

As the man looked around, he could see more figures digging their way out of the ground. They seemed human, but they looked as if they had been dead for a long while. Each of them were in varying states of decay, some had skin falling off of their bodies, others were simply green and bloated.

The man screamed, and began racing along the mountain’s edge. The zombie things were now out of the ground and it hot pursuit of him. Their groans and howls chilled the man to the bone. He spied a small hole a few feet above the cliff, and he sprinted for it.

He scrambled madly, and got his hands into the hole. Quickly, he pulled himself in, just as the horde caught up to him. The hole was dark, but he could see a few rocks big enough to plug the hole. He grabbed one and began sliding it toward the entrance.


A zombie had managed to get its head up and into the cave. The man grabbed a fist sized rock, and began beating it in the face. The zombie tumbled from the hole, and fell to the ground with a thud.

The man quickly slid the boulder in front of the hole, and then collapsed against it with a sigh of relief. Outside the zombie horde continued to scream and howl in the night. The man could hear what sounded like a pig oinking outside briefly, before it let out a loud squeal, and then it was silent.

Shuddering and in a near panic, the man crawled to the far end of the cave, where he laid down in a crumpled heap. He closed his eyes, and tried to block out the sounds from outside. He was still shivering when he slipped into unconsciousness.


The man awoke with a start and he sat up rapidly, his eyes quickly darting around the small hole he was sheltered in. He got to his feet, and smacked his head off of the short stone ceiling above him. He cursed loudly, and sat back down, rubbing the top of his head. After a minute he could see straight, and he crawled over to the boulder that was blocking the entrance. He slid it aside a small bit, and looked out.

The sight he saw shocked him. All over the ground beneath him, and on the surrounding hillside, were the charred remains of the zombies. As he watched, one zombie that was still alive walked out from under a tree. When the sunlight touched it, it promptly burst into flames. It fell to the ground, howling loudly, and then it became still. It burned quickly, and soon nothing was left except a few smoldering bones.

“Interesting,” The man said as he climbed down from his cave. “I wonder why they burn up in the daylight.”

As he walked further along the side of the cliff, he happened upon a natural quarry. He turned and walked down into it, marveling at the many type if rocks in that small area. One in particular caught his eye. He walked over to it, and picked it up. It was broad at one end, but the other end tapered off into a rather sharp and nasty point. The man kept it, and walked back up out of the pit.

A short time later, the man was seated under a large tree, and he held a long, thick branch. He scraped it along a jagged rock sticking out of the ground, until the middle had had a small bit removed from the center. The man then slid the stone he had found into it.

“Perfect fit,” the man said, grinning.

Next the man pulled some vines down from a nearby bush, and began tying the stone to the stick; He wrapped it tight, and secured the end. He picked it up, and swung it over his head. He jabbed forward with it, and then stabbed the stone into the dirt. The man smiled, he had a spear.

Hours later, the man was back in his cave. He had gathered a large amount of sticks, logs, stones, and large bit of clay he had found along the coastline. It sat in a wet pile in one corner of his cave. He dropped the final pile of sticks, just as the sun dipped behind the horizon. Below him, the man could hear the sounds of zombies already digging themselves up for the night. He slid the boulder back over the cave entrance, and promptly fell asleep in the corner of his cave.