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Thread: Love Poem

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    Love Poem

    You have my permission to use this if you're trying to get a woman, change it wherever it's applicable to your situation

    [center:1n56ra4t]Girl I've got a question, and I hope you reply.
    See, youre a woman. And well, I'm a guy.
    And we've know eachother for awhile
    And I want to bring you more than an occasional smile.
    You know what I'm talkin' bout, at least I hope you do
    But if you don't all I mean is that I wanna go out with you.
    I can say with much confidence that I'll never cheat,
    I'll never treat you like you're nothing 'cause I know you're so complete
    So there's my question and my statements now I need a reply
    from you the woman, to me, the guy.[/center:1n56ra4t]

    Romantic enoguh? I dunno, it worked when I used it.

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    Re: Love Poem

    anybody? Yes? no? Maybe?


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