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    nameless spoken word for school

    Basically, first time writing something like this, and it was for school. Open to CC and whatnot.

    I'm not just spending my time
    wondering about why
    I never really tried.

    I'm not going to waste my time
    thinking about how
    I'm going to make it.

    I'm just going to use my time
    to start a new slate;
    there's no time to waste
    I've got to pull it together
    I've just got to make it

    I've got to stand up,
    get on my feet,
    and go.

    I've got to move forward,
    there's no looking back
    'cause yesterday's a thing of the past

    Each day brings new possibility
    bringing pride,
    and hope.

    each new day is a wild card
    Not knowing what it's going to throw at you next

    You just have to roll the dice
    take a chance,
    and go

    You just have to roll the dice
    take a chance,
    and go.

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    Re: nameless spoken word for school

    I mean, it wasn't terribly written. The entire thing is full of cliche phrases and really weak diction. Use synonyms for words that are weak or not colorful and try to avoid the cliches unless you're putting your own twist on one.
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