This is a short fanfiction novel i have just written on the anime series Kino's journey. About a girl travelling on a talking motorcycle. Even if you haven't watched the anime i would still be pleased if you read this. Thanks. It was kind of hard to do a fanfiction of this as i have never read any of the books, you'll have to excuse me if this story is sloppy, I am capable of much more. But this is something i just really wanted to write about

Kino bent down and scooped up a handfull of water, she rubbed it against her face and dried it quickly with a nearby towel, before the harsh wind could cause any damage. She smiled and looked up at the sky. As she pushed her short scruffy hair back she spotted a raven, gliding through the air majestically, it's black feathers looked as though they were covered in liquid Onyx, rays of light reflected showing a spectrum of colors.
Kino thought about the last time she spotted a bird. Which curiously enough was the first time she met hermes.
"Kino" Hermes sighed, dragging the end of the last letter, as to display his discomfort further. "I've been lying here for the past hour, would you at least pick me up?"
Kino sighed and clumsily got up, she dragged her feet over to him and propped him upright.
"We should probably get going anyway, the land of water is still a few miles away"
"I wonder why they call it the land of water" Hermes wandered

Kino sat herself on hermes seat and put on her gloves, she kicked the stand up and twisted the accelerator. Hermes was a Brough Superior motorcycle, and extremely rare. It had one seat and space enough on the back for at least 2 packs of luggage.

3 hours later and the road was finally coming to an end, where it would split into two paths both leading to a forest. Kino lightly pulled on the brake and came to a stop.
"Which way do we go now?" Hermes asked
Kino just shrugged and looked around, hoping to find another soul that she could ask for directions. but was suddenly disturbed by the sound of screaming which cut through the silence as if it were butter. Kino jumped off and pulled out her persuader, she looked down the barrel and flicked the catch, she then cocked it. Looking around she spotted a small caravan, surrounded by 3 men who had an old lady tied up against it. They screamed abuse and kicked her wildy.

Kino stepped forward
"I thought you didn't like to get caught up in other peoples buisness" Hermes shouted
"Thats true, But she may be the only one who can tell us where to go" She replied hoarsly
"Excuse me", she politely said to the men as she smiled and turned her head slightly "But could you please leave this woman alone?". The men just replied with laughter. And the middle one pulled out a revolver and aimed straight at her head.
the sound of gunfire reverberated through the forest, causing some nearby swallows to fly off in panic. The man stood still, as if he were frozen, Then flopped to the ground. His lifeless body causing a loud thud, smoke rised from the barrel of kino's persuader, as she twisted it round and aimed for the other two, she first shot the man on the lefts knee, causing him to drop forward, then followed up with a shot to the head before he hit the ground. The last man standing screamed and ran away in panic. Kino considered finishing him off. But decided it were a waste of ammunition.
The old woman tried to wrestle out of the ropes restraining her. Kino grabbed a knife from her left boot and cut them off. The woman looked up with a thankful expression on her face.
"Excuse me, but do you by any chance know which path to take to get to the land of water?" Kino asked, shortly before waiting for a reply
The woman hesitated. Then pointed towards the left path. Kino nodded and ran back to hermes.

Persuader - A type of revolver Used in kino's journey, Usually only used by skilled marksmen

I might continue it, some time later. But i feel i somewhat failed on this story.