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    SlimShady 'da 5'9 and EONS - "Pivot and Rap Crap"

    [center:1cn5pxr4]Pivot and Rap Crap
    -SlimShady 'da 5'9

    We animate with smooth motion
    our animations sparkal like pixie potion
    our stick figures be poppin
    RPG3X be bobbin his head or just standin there watchin
    he comment often
    he will not soften
    we talk to him like ''hey whats poppin?''
    he say ''stop animaytin you suck''

    Like a chicken without cluck
    Oh, chucks, you can animate better than us
    even with the rust
    we just want to bust
    throw our ideas like water ballons
    we want to let it out but were in a cacoon
    but were going to come out like butterflies
    and when its time to animate, be prepared die,
    or fry
    eitherway you say goodbye
    Pivot is our thing, and thats what we do
    No matter how hard you try, you end up number two
    Do not step up if you dont have a clue
    Dont bite off so much food if you cannot chew
    pivot is hard and sticky like glue, and thats too complicated for the likes of you.

    I give you two seconds to count to three
    one to three you stay away from me
    as you can see
    you cant rap better than we
    EONS and da 5'9' yeah what a dysfunctional pair
    make you want to rip out your hair
    and start punching the air
    where.... you at
    we rise,you fall, splat
    we keep this up we make enough for three songs
    so take the mic my good friend "EONS".

    Yeah sure, Im glad to do the job
    Im so good at killing, I should join the mob
    I don't have time to listen to your rhymes
    because your ryhmes arn't worth a dime
    It should be a crime
    for you to step out of line
    attempting to take whats mine
    thats dandy and fine
    but don't be suprised
    when I step up with Knifes
    to end 'yo life and to end'yo lies
    Wait, what are we talking about
    are we talking about pivot, or are we just running our mouth
    We keep saying "we rap better than you"
    We rap better than "who"
    Who doing the dissing... me or you?

    Here I am strapped with a pen
    but what I should write,Im wonderin
    but when I finish it will be so hot
    it will leave a burnin scar
    you'll feel like you got shot
    I'll feel like a star
    but how to flow
    you dont know
    bet you can light your own cigar with'yo asshole
    me and EONS dedicated to passyo
    I may seem nice to you
    but inside im cold like ice
    What about you?
    Who am i?
    Im your freindly enemy
    Accompanied by these rhymes sent-to-me
    through my history
    Im canabolistic
    I rap shit
    I break your crusifix made outa sticks 'din fix it
    'cuzz when I get behind the mic
    My words will sef-iyce
    cut it slash slice n dice
    all you fools die tonight.

    Thats right
    all you fools die tonight
    get prepared to see the light
    so bright,
    it can blind your sight
    Call Jesus Mr. Christ,
    him forgiving our sins comes with a price
    All of us gotta die sometime
    either going peacefully or shot between the eyes
    I think about how I will go down
    every once in a while
    I feel a 'lil denial
    for not living my life sinless
    If that was the case, fun would be beginless
    Now I end this
    And click submit
    now its time for you to judge this shit.
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    Re: SlimShady 'da 5'9 and EONS - "Pivot and Rap Crap"

    i think we did good, we should do another one soon.

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    Re: SlimShady 'da 5'9 and EONS - "Pivot and Rap Crap"

    Me too. The next time we do, we need to put more organization into it instead being all over the place. Good job.
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