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    Continue the story

    ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I know this has been done before but it's really fun imo.

    For those who don't know how to play basically the person who made the thread starts with the start of the story and the person below continues it. Then the person below him continues their part and so on and so forth.

    Please be serious, the jokes luke and liam make are hilarious but I want this to be a on-topic thread. Occasional ''YOU RAPE HIM''s are okay, but don't spam the whole thread with those.


    You're walking home from your friends house at 11:30 PM. You see a movement in the corner of your eye. You freeze from fright, but after a couple of seconds you say ''My eyes are just playing tricks on me'' in your mind and keep walking. Out of nowhere a big, green monster-like thing pops up and you fall on the ground, the only thing you can use as a weapon is the pencil in your pocket. You take the pencil out and...

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    Re: Continue the story

    you throw the pencil and your super ninja catdog catches it between its toes on its front left paw snapping the lead in half, causing you to no longer be able to complete your homework because the power is out for the week and there is no other writing utensil in the house. Finding your Dad's stash of building magazines, you proceed to read these, with a FML look on your face. When you open up one of the pages a small magazine falls out, you pick it up and its a hardcore latina magazine, right on cue your mum walks in and catches you, you try to explain it to her, but she beats you to death with her rolling the pin.

    The end.
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    Re: Continue the story

    NO! It's not ending yet!

    Then after what CamelShark said you luckily survive the beating then electricity goes on and you can finally do homework. After 10 hours figuring out what 1 + 1 is, you finally go insane and grab you ninja cat dog and throw it above 10 millions feet above ground then you laughed that it died in space but it comes back down and rip your head.

    NOW it's the end
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