Hey, so I had to make a short story for an English project at the end of the year, so i thought I'd post it here. Also, this isnt the greeatest piece of literature ever and im 14(I'm also a procrastinator so did this in only a few days) so dn't be too harsh. Anywyas here it is:

[center:10gh4754]King Crow[/center:10gh4754]

Reneri woke up resting on a beach with the sand in his eyes and burning his cheek. His consciousness gave sudden feeling to his body as he noticed his legs and cheek were red from heat. He quickly jolted up out of his slumbered state and got to his feet feeling queasy. Noticing the sun burning bright in the sky he blinked furiously to release the grains of sand form his twitching eyelashes. After managing to get all the sand out his vision was disturbed and blurred by the water that filled his eyes. He quickly checked his surroundings. Herlin and Jakol were there laying peacefully in a burning bed of sand. The bright side was they weren't injured as far as he could tell. Reneri was in shock, so it took time to realize something: this isn't a beach and he had no idea where he was.
He ran towards Herlin and Jakol laying side by side and shook them out of their sleep. Much like himself they both jolted up quickly to avoid the burning sand.
“Where are we?” Jakol questioned. “This isn't right.”
“Sure as hell ain't the island, much less the boat.” Herlin responded in complete subtlety, as if he had no idea how grave the situation was. “Reneri where is this?”All Reneri could do was blankly stare past him into space.
“Reneri?” Herlin asked with a puzzled, frightened look. “You're scaring me.”
Herlin's understanding of the predicament grew. There was no mom, no dad or police officers, no sailors or anything. It was just the two other boys that stood before them and the endless sea of sand and whatever inhabited it. If there was something that inhabited this barren land. Herlin found himself in tears. Embarrassed, he covered his eyes until he saw Jakol openly crying with him. Reneri walked straight past them without a second glance.
“Reneri where are you going!?” Herlin yelled through tears and forced breaths.
“Come on guys!” Reneri said excitedly as he could be in the event. “I found something!” Jakol and Herlin started towards him, but faltered, before realizing they had no choice but to follow him.
Walking towards Reneri, they saw what he was talking about. Paved into the wasteland of wherever the boys were, a destroyed, cracked and even blackened by soot in some areas was a road. The pavement had seemed to be torn out of the ground by the gods themselves. Ripped and shredded like paper lost in a bag, and it was the the only thing they could follow. The only thing they could have some sort of organized path to take. During the time, it was the only thing that gave them a destination, a reason to keep moving.

The boys had been following the road for around an hour. They were exhausted and weak from the long walk and the hot sun. Along the way they had passed shrubs stripped of the leaves that once feathered the twigs, however they found a few with their leaves still intact, and more importantly their fruit too. Despite the shakiness in the boys legs from copious amounts of walking they dashed to the fruit, slurping the juice and munching on the pulp. The energy was desperately needed and so was the juice. Reneri had already felt dehydrated and he assumed the others were too. After hastefully eating the food they got up and moved on when Jakol saw shapes on the horizon.
“Wha's tha?” Jakol asked in a fast spoken voice.
“Wha- Oh, yes what is that?” Herlin responded.
“Looks likebuildins.” Jakol said. “Maybe ther'people!”
Reneri, too satisfied and surprised to talk ran down the road towards the block of concrete hanging on the edge of the world. Jakol and Herlin glanced back at the shrubs, then turned around and ran after Reneri. After all, they had no choice to follow him. Running towards the building with their newly retrieved energy the boys found that there was more than just one building, but many. They were heading straight for a city.
“There must be people here!” Herlin stated. “ They can help us! We can survive!”
They ran with all the energy of their fruit and the hope of survival, not even noticing the air cooling around them as they went.

Once reaching the city Reneri noticed the buildings were run down and broken. But he assumed it was collateral damage caused by the earthquake. Glancing around the entrance there didn't seem to be anyone or anything. It seemed to be much like the wasteland except for the tipped and busted in sign which read: Welcome to Chernobyl.
The air was cold and the farther they ventured in the city the more snow they saw on the ground.
“It was boiling out there. What happened?” Reneri asked.
“It's weird, right?”Jakol answered. “It leastis better than the heat.”
The city was covered with debris and garbage. Buildings were shattered like glass and had collapsed like twigs under pressure. The walls were in horrible condition and everything seemed unstable, especially the blown open building with the red and white tower. Could someone have done this? Despite the risk of a building toppling on them, the boys went into a school. There was a loud screech as they opened a rusty iron door. Slightly ajar, it tipped over and ripped off its hinges, plummeting to the ground causing a large boom that echoed through the dead halls. The glass of the door shattered and a spine chilling ring that came from the vibrating metal had filled the air. A deathly silence came upon them and the fear grew in the Reneri's body. They entered the school and looked down a hallway. The walls were ripped of their plaster revealing bricks. The tiles of the floor were torn away from the ground and a thick layer of paper and books littered the floor. A broken gas mask layed on the floor looking at Reneri with an eerie stare as if someone was still wearing it. The paint was stripped from the walls and ash covered desks that had been toppled over. Broken glass covered corners of the room and the windows it came from let in a strange light that shawn down at an odd angle in the dim room. The air was cool and filled with a metallic aroma. Walking down carefully Reneri heard a snarl.
“What the hell was that?” Herlin said, except with more colorful language.
“Shh,” Reneri snarled. “you'll startle it.” A few disturbing seconds past and around the corner of the hall a wolf showed its face. With an extra messed up leg, a seemingly broken torso and only one eye, this wasn't a regular wolf. The boys were dead silent. They stepped back slowly towards the entrance of the school. Reneri tripped over something in the hall sending paper flying upwards. The wolf's violent bark split the air as Reneri got to his feet. As the paper settled it revealed what Reneri had tripped over: a corpse wearing a gas mask. Terrified, Reneri and the other boys sprinted out the hall and slammed the hall door on the wolf. It scratched at the door violently as the boys dashed out of the school stumbling over loose items on the ground. Vaulting over the broken front door they ran outside to the cold and the snow. Running through the dead wasteland of a city surrounded by shattered building, rubble and potential mutated wolf homes.
Running down a the road they once followed, Reneri, Herlin and Jakol found a house that was seemingly untouched by whatever catastrophe affected the city. They walked up, thinking there must be someone here if it had been rebuilt. Reneri was in front while the other boys faltered behind them, walking cautiously.
“Maybe we shouldn't go there Reneri. What if there's another dog thing.” Herlin said.
“No.” Reneri responded more fiercely than he desired. “We need to try and find someone.”
Herlin, still apprehensive about the situation, kept his difference from the house. Reneri walked up the house and knocked on the door. He stood there in the silence for a while. He knocked again. Suddenly there was a loud bark. Reneri jolted back in fear and fell to the ground. An old man who's withered face had seem to melt partially off his skull. The strange face had no nose and his leg grew so much it seemed like that of a bloated elephant. In the man's hand was a leash attached to a mutated, snarling wolf. Reneri ran back like he did with the other deranged wolf and the others followed. They ran along Ore dr. and away from Chernobyl, slowly drifting away from the road. In the end Reneri ran in almost the opposite direction of Ore dr. in a mad attempt to get away from that man, and the other boys followed since they had no choice.

Walking in the barren desert they boys were hot and tired. There was no direction to follow they just walked in which ever direction they faced. Circling above the Reneri and the stranded boys was a flock of crows. They were flying low around them like vultures.
Reneri could heard the caws of the crows. They didn’t stop. They wouldn’t. There was just an endless droning of taunting caws. Caws filled the air and Reneri grew angrier and angrier as he drifted farther from sanity. Caw Caw! Why couldn’t they just shut up?! CAW CAW! Reneri stared at the birds with rage and eyed the biggest one as it stared back at him. It cawed.
“I Can't take these rats anymore.” Reneri snarled. He picked up a stone from the ground and lobbed it up and back into his hand a few times. Reneri drew his arm back before he was stopped by Herlin.
“Maybe you shouldn't, they're just birds.” Herlin said.
“No! I'm killing it!” Reneri responded, cocking his eyebrows down. Reneri shot his arm forward launching the stone at the flock hitting the biggest crow right out of the sky. The Bird cawed and spiraled down towards the ground. It landed in the wasteland head first with its wings bent and its blood staining the sand. The flock cawed furiously at the boys and flew away.
“Why did you do that!?” Herlin demanded.
“Yah I mean they'rejus birds” Jakol said.
“Talk slowly Jakol!” Reneri barked back. “Besides who cares they're pointless birds!”
Reneri, satisfied that he killed the pest, grinned. Herlin and Jakol started to talk back, but stopped. Herlin didn't do anything but he wanted to, and his arms tensed and rage grew in his body. He turned towards the sunset and the sight soothed him. He layed on the ground in the sand, and watched the sun seemingly crash down to earth. The light slowly dimed, and in a second it was gone.

Reneri woke up to the caw of birds and crows circling above.
“Are those the same crows?” Reneri asked. Although no one responded he knew the answer. He picked up another stone from the ground. However one of the crows swooped down and started to attack him. Pecking his face and body the crows began to swarm around him. Disoriented he fell to the ground and dropped the stone. He swated at them and knocked one to the ground before it flew away. It was as if they remembered his face. Did they? He thought to himself, although it seemed impossible. It was as if they were mad for killing their leader. Their King Crow. Reneri remembered the broken body of King Crow laying on the ground perched in a pool of its own blood and he shuddered. The crows flew away cawing violently and Reneri suddenly felt sharp pains in his face and torso the second they left. He glanced around and noticed Herlin on his back. The crows must have attacked him too. Reneri ran over and got Herlin to his feet.
“You alright?” Reneri asked.
“I'm fine.” Herlin said in a slightly angered tone. “Where's Jakol?”
“I... I don't know.” The boys looked around and saw the crows attacking a person fairly far away. Herlin stepped forward but Reneri stayed back. Herlin stopped in his tracks and made no sign to help him.
“There's no use Herlin.” Reneri said. Herlin knew this too, besides he couldn't leave Reneri, he didn't have a choice.

In the morning Herlin sat in the sand, doing nothing.
“What are you so mopey about?” asked Reneri.
“We left Jakol for dead!” shouted Herlin “What if that were you?”
“I'd expect the same.” Reneri answered in a calm voice. “I would be too far away you couldn't get me in time.”
“No you wouldn’t you bloody liar! You sicken me. I hate the way you make me feel so sick!” At the time, Herlin did feel sick to his stomach and had the urge to vomit, however he knew it wasn’t because of Reneri.
“Hey! I'm Just being realistic!” Reneri barked back. “I try to keep us alive! I try to help us! I did everything I could! And you just follow me while I lead this group!”
“Well maybe you shouldn't! You made a mess of thing and now we left our friend to die!”?“We would die too if we tried to save him!”
“Would we? They're just birds.”
Rage filled the bodies of Reneri and Herlin. They could feel the adrenaline run through their veins of their arms. They could feel their stationary arms punching already. Herlin ran at Reneri and struck him with his fist. Reneri stumbled back on to his back and kicked Herlin in the leg. Herlin fell to his knees and Reneri just stood to his feet. Both boys grabbed each other and attempted to throw the other to the ground. Herlin succeeded, launching Reneri to the ground and he felt his stance of power threatened. He got to his feet and swung his fist and missed. The momentum of his fist drew him towards the ground and he saw the world fly up at his face. Dust filled the air around him.
“I'm going-”Herlin paused.
“I'm going to find Jakol!” Herlin yelled. “I have no choice!”
Herlin ran off before Reneri could hit him again, so he smashed his fist into the ground in anger inflicting pain upon himself much more than Herlin. Reneri got to his feet, stared at him before walking away in a separate direction as Herlin.

Reneri walked the desert alone, rejuvenated by some berries he found on some more shrubs he kept walking when he found a hint of gray in the distance. Sprinting towards the gray shape he noticed it was a road. He ran straight to it and collapsed right on top of the cement. All he could hear was his heavy breaths as he looked up to a bent pole, carrying a sign which read: Ore dr. Reneri looked at the sign and read the the words aloud as they were written. He couldn’t help but chuckle. It was as if fate had kept this road intact though the force of the bomb, and fate had brought him and his friends to it. When they lost the road what it had represented was lost in them too and it was as if fate had made this feeble attempt to taunt him after he suffered. As if fate wanted to avenge King Crow. As if fate was punishing a dead man.
Trying to stand the caws of King Crow echoed in the back of his mind. He couldn’t shut the noise out of his hand and they caws continued. Caw caw! He remembered the crow spiral down. He remember it smashing the ground and the crack of its neck. He remembered the blood stained stone that lay on the ground. He remembered everything of the event and he felt a shap pain in his stomach. Images flashed in his head and he shuddered violently.
Reneri finally got to his knees and looked at the road and noticed he was standing in the middle of an intersection. He only had a few choices, so he closed his eyes, stood up and turned in a circle. His eyes still shut he sprinted in the direction he was facing, wherever that was. He heard his shoes tap against the cement and then he heard them scrape. He felt dust and sand kick in the air and blow against the back his legs. Reneri suddenly felt incredibly sick and started vomiting. He didn’t know where he got this sickness, perhaps a disease from Chernobyl. Nevertheless, dspite his state, he kept his eyes closed and kept running. After all he had no choice and he'd die just like King Crow.