Up its off only known if you heard of snapz
Im an assasian,killin down the slope with my raps
Trippin off of haters as I ball like imma baller
Im in the game,Im a playa yea you know what I call her
Fallin off the top yea im a giant ape
Just a nickname to my tops off the head she tapes
No not a video but im going in
I will never fall I just start when I beggin
Call me off of a game,no cheats codes as I win
Why be a hater even if I count from 10
Im a flyer,birds,and planes
Not just first class or diamond rings
Even more than all these things, god who knows what will I bring
I call the number,prank calls the top
Till I flip 'em over as I fall I belly-flop
You can call me impossable cuase I will hardly ever stop
You shall be screaming like a car in a parking-lot
Call me off the block well its scary drop
Till I end my life I shall be sure my body,gold and my money rots