I like to just write stuff down:

What is this soil beneath my feet?
The inevitable shadowscast upon it carelessly
Polluting the world with its ungrateful presence
Defiling the purity of human nature
Workin restlessly to destroy everything we've created

A simple request left unanswered
Leaves me in turmoil and distress
The tables turned the answer would be clear
But you leave us both in seemingly endless limbo
An eternity of uncertainty
A forever of painful wonderment

The soil is tainted with fear and paranoia
I, the lonely insomniac left with only my thoughts
My fears and my troubles forever haunting
Afraid of the slumber, afraid of the dreams
The recurring nightmares of abandonment and betrayal
All push me from sandman's embrace
Thoughts of peace, thoughts of harmony
Shattered by your uncertainty
By my wonderment
By his silent arrogance shielded by kind words
Meaningless words of flattery and sleuth
While the lonely insomniac is left to ponder

To wonder and dream
The soil has crumbled
Tainted by uncertainty
Tainted by doubt
The lonely insomniac finally closes his eyes
Escaping from reality at dawn's break