Old Story joint with mr farley

"You got him strapped? Good, hit it" a fist was hurled at the face, shattering the jawline and sending a flurry of blood and teeth over the operating table, the man in front cracked his knuckles again, the third left one was bleeding, a tooth jabbed him, maybe. "So" He spoke, slow and deliberate "How long ago was it?", the man in the chair stirred, leered at the brute and spat, another fist ruptured his other cheek, the skin around his mouth was lacerated by his jaw, blood seeped through his lips and on to the stained shirt, a Rorschach pattern was appearing, how appropriate. "Again, you stubborn little shit" Anger brewed this time, "We know you were part of MKDELTA" he cracked his knuckles again, the man in the chair braced for another impact, his cheek purpling from the blows, a flower of blood spread on it, entangling with the rough stubble which lined the now broken cheek.
Over head, through a two way mirror, a suited man took his place, he rested his hand on it, and lifted a walkie talkie to his hand, a voice broke through the loud-speakers; "They're breaking through, Casey, are you going to fall like this?"
The man strapped to the seat collapsed as the last fist struck him, his left cheek horribly mangled by the abuse the brute in front of him gave, the man's swollen knuckles were his know worn trophy. "We're losing control, Raiger, get him out of there" the brute turned to the speakers, as if the man actually resided in them, and looked despairingly at it "Are you idiot, is a trap!" he spoke to the speaker, almost pleadingly, "Not a trap, these signals are of the fucking charts. Now get him out of there before we lose him, he's an ideal subject."
"Huh? What is this?" I woke up to a sharp pain on the left side of my face. My eyes peeked open to see a filthy place, a mixture of dirt and blood lay on the floor. Scratches on the walls, blood stained drips formed below them. "Hello! Anybody there?" I screamed into the deserted hallway. It was only now that I realized I was in a cell.
Footsteps sounded off in the distance. They sounded like steel toe boots that some welder would wear while working in a shop. They got louder hinting that someone was coming my way.
"Hey, hey, hey!" I yelled at them as they neared. When I saw them, I wanted to take back my yelling. These men didn't stop to look, they didn't glance, they didn't even shift their eyes. Two men walked with what appeared to be machine guns, with a man walking in between them.
"Hey man, you have got to get out of here! There going to kill you!" The distraught looking man replied to me, the two soldiers still didn't move. They continued pass me and down the hall way. Seconds later I heard the man pleading, then a gun shot, then silence.
Oh god, I have to get out of here. I thought to myself. I didn't understand why I was in here. The cells that surrounded me were empty, and as far as I knew, the entire place was empty.
I found a broken mirror in my room that I used to look at my face. It was badly bruised, purple and blue colored the normal white of my skin. Dryed blook caked my ear, and stained the left side of my face. My jaw felt broken, though I could talk, and my teeth were broken and shattered. I could feel them penetrate into my gums and top of my mouth.
The sound of footsteps approaching rang in my ear agian. This time I wouldn't bother saying anything, I'd just let them pass. As they grew louder it hit me that there was only a single pair this time. "Get up!" I heard the voice before I saw the person. "Get up I said!"
I stood up, prepared for whatever came my way. The soldier appeared into my sight, he stood taller than the others, bigger too. He unlocked the cell, opened the door, and walked in. "Lets go, were going to have some fun."
"What are you going to do?" I asked in a sarcastic manner. "Kill me?"
"Haha You're funny. Let us go." The big guy laughed, and chuckled out a reply.
"Fine." I walked past the big guy, he chuckled one more time as I turned around to ask where to go. He raised his gun, and hit me square in the jaw. I fell down, and everything went black.
Arising from the green depths of delirium was hard, I kept being knocked back into sleeps, hazy voices droned off in each ear, similar to white noise. At last I was able to breach the barrier. The same man was lumbering over me, to my left an IV feed was sticking abruptly out of a table, small bottles of chemicals, hastily labelled sat undisturbed beside it, a smell of almonds was filling the room, my site came sharper and I realised with dawning fear, he was donned in a respirator, clutching a hypodermic needle in his left hand. "Ok, buddy." He said, voice distorted by the whir of the mask, "We do this easy or hard, you choice?" He bobbed his head talking, still dazed I gave an immense laugh, blacking out for a second, looking at my wrist, feeling a searing pain, the hypo was sticking from my arm, supported by the needle resting in my arm. The injection was fierce, he steadied then needle with one arm, and with his free hand - fist, he slammed down on the top, chemical went into the blood, blood came out the gash, I screamed. Oh my God, how I screamed.
A door in centre of the wall in front of my opened, a huge metallic bang, and what followed went too fast for me to fully recollect; The door swung opened, and so did the man with needle's head, blood spattered my top, colliding with the shades of my own dried blood. His screams accompanied mine, creating an echoing chorus of pain throughout the Station, the Man beside the guy who was plugged strolled towards me, ripping the needle out, and unstrapping me from the chair, I collapsed in a boneless heap. "For fuck's sake, Levka, what in the name of god were you thinking?!" The voice was lined with fury, he slammed the gun in its holster, pulling the grunt - Levka, to his feet. He was a mumbling mess, the tip of his forehead was shattered inwards, he looked like a collapsed egg, with the soft yolk of blood slithering down his face, he fell and struck his nose of the IV feed, shattering it as well. "You, you get up" The man said, the dark man with the gun, he grabbed my wrist as consciousness was fading. The drug was taking its hold. I thoug - we thought in a brainless delirium, Ha ha, that screaming man was right, they were - will kill me. That is until we can get out of this fucking rat trap.
"Ugh" I moaned, my head was splitting, the sides thudded and thudded and thudded, it felt like my heart had been stapled to my cortex, "For fuck sake, get me the fuck out of here" I screamed, or I thought I screamed, for all that came out was a stuttered gag. I twisted around on my back, a sliver of moonlight landed on my chest, the blood was dry, and God did I reek. I cleared my throat again, tried to speak, still just a gag. Always a gag, always this room, always this torture. In truth I want to die, my eyes were seeing red, only red and faint outlines of everything else now, an urge to vomit was spiralling in my body, I want out We thought. We can't take this much longer. Above me, lay the watchful eye of the CCTV camera, a tiny red LED blinking its sardonic blink. With the last of my strength in my, I raised my arm and flipped the birdie. The good ol' birdie, I could've sworn it looked shocked, satisfied, I drifted off into this haze of golden green, delirium.

"What do you think we should do with him?"
"Does it matter?"
"Yes, yes it does. Subject one-A was a specimen with unbelievable ability, we can't just lock him up, we need to get rid of him." My slumber ended when I heard these words. My mind raced, filled with confusion and questions. Am I specimen one-A? Why do they wan't to kill me? Why am I straped here? Just a few of the questions that littered my brain at that very moment. "Take him out of here, shoot him, and burn the body." "Yes sir." The armed soldier replied enthusatically. I was no so cheerful. The cart began to move away from the original position. Me strapped to it. "I think we may have been able to perfect the mind control. The information he released to us was invaluable." What information where they talking about? My years of service had enabled me to gather extreme amounts of intellegence. What exactly where they after? "He's awake."

"Kill him." The soldier lifted his pistol.