I wrote this essay for English, and personally I thought it turned out very well. It's a creative and symbolic story about life, and how I feel about it. It's about 6 pages long.

[spoiler:1tjygs0n]There wasnít much that I could remember, besides the fact that I was sitting in my ditch, and I had my glass jar and my leather satchel with me. I slid my jar into my satchel, and crawled out of the ditch. The ground below me was hard, gray and brittle. As far as I could see, the rest of my world was the same; gray cliffs, gray, immobile seas, and gray, dying spots of grass and vegetation. Though the world was cold and foggy, and I could not see far. But of course, it was all mine.

I ventured out into my world. The farther I went, the more I began to pick up faint whispers, and wandering shapeless beings, barely visible to my sharp blue eyes. I knew my eyes were blue because I saw them in the oceanís reflection. I also saw my smooth, perfect skin, and my playful black hair. I was the only person that mattered, and I paid no heed to anyone or anything else. Though there was one other, the one that both puzzled and frightened me.

He drifted lazily along the ground, his enormous, tattered black robes billowing softly as if underwater. His four arms seemed to have minds of their own, the shriveled things all following different agendas. One seemed to be swatting invisible flies, angry and unreasonable. Another was stroking his sunken, depressed face. His skin was tight and decayed, and his eyes nothing but deep, sorrowful emptiness. A streaming mass of feathery black hair followed behind him. They were truly beautiful, the epitome of majesty.

I turned to face him, and I found a sort of comfort in him. In the blink of an eye, his depressed face suddenly cracked into a beaming grin. The arms began to work in unison, and spread into a strange gesture. It was embrace. His head tilted ever so slightly, deeply interested in me. His mouth creaked open, and he spoke in a powerful, rumbling voice. It was clear and commanding, yet gentle and soft.

"Come hither, child. My heart yearns for your warmth and love. You are my child, and I am your God."

And I knew that deep down, I did love him, and my love dragged me to him. Though I knew nothing of this God, I found myself floating blindly into his presence. As his arms draped around my body, a million voices suddenly burst into existence, and screamed into my bleeding ears. They were the whispers from before, but a thousand times louder. Evil, laughing faces swam one after the other into my vision. They told me that I was worthless, and disgusting. I made them want to puke. Horrid, wretched sounds accompanied the voices. Demonic growling and agonizing shrieks were among them. They sneered at me, and told me to kill myself. They were better than me, and I was so weak and fragile. I shrieked and tore away from Godís presence. His face was now swollen with rage and hatred. I feel onto my backside, and crawled away until he was hidden in the fog. This was the real world, and I had grown up. It was no longer mine.

I scrambled to my feet, and ran. Tears ran down my dirty face, as lost and scattered as my sense of direction. My breath tore at my lungs, yet I kept running. I had no idea where I was going, nor did I care. As long as it was far, far away, I really didnít mind. Suddenly my foot was snagged by a root, and my body collided into the ground with a painful smack. Sharp pains ran up my ribs and skull. Clutching my forehead, I slowly sat back up and opened my eyes. I was back in my ditch, but there was something wrong. There were others here with me. Three of them; naked, gray, and hairless. They were pitiful looking things. They were sitting, and they sneered at me. There were bloody gaping holes in their chests, along with other scars and deformities. They did not seem to notice. One pointed at my bleeding face and laughed in a high, cackling voice. As it did this, a stitch on its cheek split and blood ran profusely down its face and neck. It did not notice this either.

I winced and massaged my own neck. Yet there was something out of place about the texture of my skin. I looked down at my hands, and the beautiful, clear skin had become ragged and gray. There was a nasty scar that stretched across my palm. Foul smelling liquids had begun to ooze out of it. I was reminded ofÖ them. But why was it that I noticed my deformities, yet they didnít? Why was it that my eyes have finally been opened to what I really was, yet they sat amongst themselves and laughed and sneered? Why did they not see that we were one and the same; merely rotten, ugly creatures? They believed they were truly beautiful, and their evil ways caused their infections to spread and ultimately destroy themselves.

They were all so pitiful, and my newfound perception of the world caused me to become bitter and angry. I began to despise them. I crawled out of the ditch, once again taking my satchel and jar with me. This time I departed with hate in my soul, rather than excitement and joy.

My patience with the world was wearing thin. I walked alone, all too aware of my failures and disappointment. It enraged me that the rest of the world ran about, pointing out one anotherís ugliness when they were all exactly the same. Was I the only one who realized the immense damage that they were inflicting upon each other, and ironically themselves? I kicked a rock, not caring that I caused my own foot to bruise and darken.

Not far ahead was another group of the miserable creatures. Again, there were three of them. But this time, something was different. One was sitting alone on a rock, turned away from the others. Its chin rested upon its hands, and bitter tears trickled down its ugly expression. The other two were laughing at it, pointing at an infection growing out of its backside. It seemed one was much crueler than the other, throwing rocks and howling horrible vulgarities at it. The cruelest one had the most deformities out of them all, with monstrous gashes all around his pale sickly body, spouting blood like geysers. Tiny black creatures darted in and out of the slashes, feasting upon the flesh and turning it green and diseased.

I was sickened by the cruelest oneís behavior. I wanted to kill him. I leapt towards him, and bellowed from deep within my being. I drew the jar from out of my satchel, and bashed him over the head with it. He collapsed and fell to the ground, bruised and bloodied. My jar was now broken and shattered. But it was still perfectly functional as a killing device. I conjured up all the hate in my body, and stabbed him with the glass fragment. He bled and cried out. He begged for mercy. I did not give it to him. I stabbed him again and again, until he cried no more. His body broke and his mind snapped. I was bent over him, gasping for breath. I clenched my teeth, and wiped my free hand across my eyes. When I looked at him again, I saw that he was me. Blood began to pour down my body, and I felt terrible pain burn across my body. I looked down at my own chest, and it was littered with glass and blood. My body felt limp, and I slumped over to one side. Once again, I collided with the ground. But this time, life left my body like ashes from a fireplace, and I died.

I opened my eyes to find that I was still staring at the group, a few feet away from where I was standing. My jar was still in my satchel, and the cruelest one was still laughing at the other creature. I clasped my own chest and looked at my body. It was still gray and pale, but for the most part, healthy. Apparently there was something truly magical about the jar. I was shown a snippet of what the future would be like, should I abuse it.

Now I was introduced to another creature. Hiding within the fog, I noticed a gargantuan figure. It was the most massive thing I had ever seen, and I felt a great terror rise up from inside and overwhelm me. Cold sweat broke out across my body. I was frozen. Helpless. Yet once again, I was the only one that noticed. I could not open my mouth to warn them, I was so stricken with fear. The giant beast crawled forward, and its movements caused the earth to shake and tremble. It was then the others began to notice, and fell to their knees from the shaking. They gripped the ground below them to keep their balance, knuckles quickly turning white. The beast was now only a few strides away from them, and now that I could see it clearly, I began to wish that I couldnít.

If the devil himself had a physical body, this would be it. It was an enormous black dragon, miles tall above us. Scaly muscles bulged from its limbs, the massive things like mountains of rock. A colossal neck towered above it, adorned with lethal needles that protruded in the most unusual and terrifying ways. Its head was sleek and dangerous. Piercing golden eyes flared out from beneath the obsidian scales. Flayed rotten lips displayed rows and rows of jagged teeth, stained with the blood of its former victims. Its terrible wings stretched out across the sky, and blotted it out from vision. An immense muscular tail slithered behind it. It pummeled everything it touched into oblivion.

The cruelest one lifted its head and squinted into the dragonís eyes. It was apparent that this was the one the beast had come for. A sadistic grin formed across the Great Demonís face. It swung its head down, so that it was literally inches away from its prey. Its jaws flung open, and what came next was the most disturbing noise imaginable. It was like a cross between an enraged shriek and a tortured wail, with gallons of blood and dirt flying out of its mouth at light speed. The poor creatures were bombarded by the mess, and were blown into the air by its tremendous force. But not before the beast could capture its prey. It pounced forward, flapping his wings with enough power to send bugs and vegetation flying in every direction. Its teeth crunched down upon the cruelest one, instantly splattering him into a gory mess of blood, flesh and entrails. The pieces fell to the earth, along with the other two creatures that were lucky enough to survive. The strips of flesh and guts dissolved into black smoke as they hit the ground, and the cruelest one was wiped from the face of the earth. The smoke curled away and dissipated. With a chuckle of grim satisfaction, the Demon flew away and was once again hidden by the deep fog.

The remaining creatures shuffled off into the distance, to tell themselves that it didnít really happen. They would convince themselves that everything was ok, and that their evil ways wouldnít bring upon the deaths of us all. As for me, I was still frozen and immobile. I no longer felt hatred for my species. I was instead filled with a wave of sadness and hopelessness, washing away the hatred in the tides. Was this the fate of mankind? Were we all doomed to hurt and disparage ourselves, until the Great Demon would come to devour the world? How could we possibly save ourselves, and what was the meaning of this shallow existence?

I buried my head into my hands and cried again. It didnít help that I too had a gaping hole in the middle of my chest. The tears burned my wounds and made my pain even worse. It was hard to imagine that life was once so simple and carefree. I missed the times when I felt like a king of my own world. But it never was my world; it was always the Demonís.

It seemed my crying had attracted yet another creature. Warily, I looked up from my shaking hands. It was a petite little thing, hunched over with age. He somewhat resembled the rest of the human race, yet he wasÖ respectable. He did not have a hole in the middle of his chest. His hole was filled with a beaming amber glow, and illuminated the rest of his body with the beautiful light. It had occurred to me that he had absolutely no deformities, or blemishes. He carried in his right hand a small, wooden lantern. But inside the lantern, was a glass jar. Much like my own. However, his jar was filled with the same amber light that inhabited his chest. He carried his own satchel too, which he reached into with his left hand. He pulled out a handful of silver seeds, which he sprinkled into the ground as he walked. The seeds quickly sprouted and became sunflowers. The stems were green and firm, and the petals were joyous and pleasant to the eyes. They were so gorgeous in contrast to the dead, gray surrounding. I canít even begin to describe the happiness they brought me.

The man noticed my change in emotion, and smiled. A real, warm smile. Not a cold, sarcastic one. He came up to me, and stopped. His gray beard bounced in excitement. In a comforting, soft voice, he spoke to me.

"I see youíve come a long, long way. Youíve walked a hard and brutal path. But from it, you have learned some valuable lessons that you might have simply just brushed aside. Be glad that you have encountered so much hate and envy. Otherwise, you would have ended up just like them."

He reached into his chest, and pulled out a chunk of pure, golden light. The hole he had left quickly replenished itself and refilled again. He handed the chunk of light to me, and put it in my jar.

"Itís not hard to lose your way. Let your jar be a symbol of hope, and a reminder of what you are here to do. A beacon of immaculate truth, a light to illuminate the darkness of our world. It will reveal to you the things that would hope to overwhelm and consume you."

His smile was still wide and inspiring. He patted my leather satchel.

"And this, is a place to keep all the comforting things you may find along your travels. Keep them safe, and donít be afraid to share them with those in need. Happiness is like a candle. You can light a thousand with the same candle, yet its light will still burn just as brightly as before. Use this to spread true happiness and peace among those without. Short team pleasure can only bring evil, and destroy the soul. The strongest houses are those that were built with patience and passion. Not overnight."

He clasped my fingers around my jar, and then my satchel.

"Truth and Happiness work hand in hand. There is no point to Truth without Happiness, and no point to Happiness without Truth. We cannot become obsessive miseries, yet we also cannot become blissful idiots."

Yet my satchel was still empty. I frowned, and said to him,

"Well what can I do with an empty satchel? Surely you could spare a few seeds from your own."

The old man shook his head.

"Not everyone walks the same path. The things I find to bring me happiness, might not be the same to you. Let every man find his own meaning in life."

I understood, and smiled in agreement. I looked down, and found that the hole in my chest was gone. It was instead replaced with a small amber glow. It was tiny, but noticeable. But then an important thought formed in my head. I leaned forward and asked,

"I met an entity calling himself God a while back. It seemed knowledgeable and trustworthy, yet in the end it only hurt me. What can you tell me about this experience?"

His mouth seemed to tighten for a split second, and he stated,

"God may seem to be a many sided creature, and sometimes itís not very easy to follow his directions. There are many entities that claim that they alone are God. This can be extremely confusing, and Iím not even sure which one is right. But do not belittle others for their own perception of God. I have my own views, and I encourage you to find whichever one brings the most enlightenment to you, and not to judge an entire following based on a small minority. If God is to be a just and righteous creature, I pray that he reveal himself to me, and uncover truths that I would not otherwise understand. In the meantime, I stay open minded, and uncertain."

The old man stroked his beard, and whispered,

"Your journey has only just begun. Go forth and tell the world what I have taught you, and maybe we might just be able to save this hell of a world. Only with patience and understanding, can we unite with those that would normally be our enemies. These are lessons you must share with your fellow man, every single day. For look, as beautiful as love is, alone it does not last long. The wickedness of the world is just too powerful."

And I looked over to the flowers that he had planted earlier. Already, they had begun to wilt and die. The old man dug them out of the earth, and laid them gently in his satchel.

"There are millions of other people just like you. Bitter, weary, and lost. They want to find something worth living for, but they just donít know what. My duty is to help them look past the illusions of life, and see the world for what it really is. We can never find true happiness in a lie. We must search for the truth, and find what really makes us happy. There are others I must tend to. I may never see you again, but never forget what I have taught you. Share your knowledge and happiness with the world, yet stay accepting and understanding. Do not force your own personal happiness upon them. Instead, encourage them to find their own path, and search for truth."

And with these last words, he hurried away into the fog. And once againÖ I was alone. But not without a sense of purpose, and a meaning to the madness. I listened closely to what the world had to say. I closed my eyes, and heard a stream giggling nearby. I saw its wonderful simplicity, and the essence of life. I did not feel enslaved by it, I controlled my feelings for the things I did not understand. I opened my eyes, and ventured out to find it. Maybe this was what belonged in my leather satchel. Who knows, maybe the stream was actually the bane of my existence. Whatever the outcome, it was all just another lesson in life. I had to approach it cautiously and open mindedly. Find what truly brought me deep contentment and purpose. An excitement rose in my heart, and a grin spread across my face. I found comfort in the world around me, despite its bleakness. It inspired me to make something better out of it, and to save others who were lost in their own pettiness and depression. I was alive, and my chest beamed brighter with every step I took.[/spoiler:1tjygs0n]