A cold winter day-the streets damp with the mist, as cigarette smoke and smog dance with the wind
Los Angeles, city of lost angels-damned from their kin, took vengeance to the city and it's crafted within
The mental struggle man couldn't win made the demons of the city start to laugh with the sin
Every spirit is one they despise, the gleam of their ominous eyes flashes in a gun or a knife
These entities stare as a young woman dies, bystanders glare at the scene in front of their eyes
Cops rush the scene, God sung for her life, but that melody is one only some recognize
As the city awakes from it's sleep, the sun shines on the corpse and it's blood staining the streets
Death causes the pain it defeats, the demons sending people to heaven; even they distain their beliefs
But cause of them I'm forced to abide, to protect the very same people who are causing the crimes
The same lifeless eyes haunting my mind, woken up by the same damn calls that make me nauseous at night
But this occurrence isn't considered as a murdering, but us detectives labeled it more as a burglary
Cause all these people may have neglected their souls, and all these serial killers purge for free
But honestly,this has been hard for me, 7 long years of investigation, 6 years of letting my bottle speak
This profession isn't what it's ought to be, I've thought of killing all these criminals-I guess they're rubbing off on me
But I guess I need to embrace the cold, and let the demons of this city take the hold
Until my grave is known, my memories will haunt me, but I have to forget them until my last case is closed