Here it is:

I woke up. I couldn't remember anything. I looked around to observe my surroundings. I was trapped
in small room with a window infront of me. I got up and looked around,when I heard something.
I looked up to see a small speaker in the corner of the room.
"Sit,"the voice said forcefully.
All of a sudden,I felt a sudden pain in my head. I clutched my head and fell.
"Now that we have that done,we can get back to buisness."
I did not have a clue what they were talking about. I screamed
"Where am I!?"
No response. Five minutes went by until I got a response.
"That sir,we cannot tell you. Please,have a drink.
I looked to my left to see a cup of water sitting on a table.
I walked over,realizing I was incredibly thirsty. I grabbed the cup,and gulped it down.
"Mr.Seymore. You are special. You have abilities we can only dream of. You are here because we need to see the extent
of your...abilities.

"Abilities?" I thought in my head.
"Now Mr.Seymore,let's get down to buisness.
I heard a noise above me. I looked up to see a mechanical arm set a rock on the floor.
"Try moving the rock.
I didn't know what was going on. But,I obeyed. I tried to lift the rock. I couldn't. It must of weighed tons.
No,no,no. Concentrate on it,and then try to move it.
"Huh?"I thought.
"What is going on? I screamed.
I felt the same,agonizing pain in my head again.
"Move the rock. They said.
Once the pain went away,I concentrated on the rock again. To my amazement,the rock started to float in the air.
I was amazed. I couldn't believe my eyes. I made the rock move without even touching it.
"Mr.Seymore,I believe we are going to get along just nicely.
To Be Continued...

So,how was it guys?