So I started on this story a while back but never really finished it. Now I've been working on it for a few days and I've finished the first Chapter.
Hope you enjoy!


14 year old Will turner and Alex Johnson always thought they were regular boys.
Always until they are recruiting by a secret brotherhood that works to fight against and repel
Demons from the underworld.
Then it is up to the boys to train and save the world from upcoming destruction.
All with a little help from a few special people.


"You shouldn't have come...""why are you here?"A stone cold voice filled the red chamber that
seemed to stretch out forever in every direction. Upon the chamber stood two figures. One was
a female. She was tall and had pale white skin. She had soft brown hair that was tied back in a
pony tail by a rubber band.
She wore pale blue, denim; ripped jeans and a red hoodie. Her piercing green eyes were focused
on the figure that stood before her. It was a tall male humanoid figure that was a solid pitch
black color from head to toe. Light reflected of it's body(or body like form)like a crystal. A Demon.
The two figures stood still staring at each other...or at least they would have been if the
Demon had eyes.
After a long pause the girl replied."The gates of hell are weakening, “she said “and I know it.
""I knew you'd try to pry your way through into our universe, “she continued “so I came here to
stop you. “She finished boldly. There was another moment of silence.
"Well,"said the demon finally, “at least you committed to trying. “It said. “Well when you
die you can know that you at least slowed me down a few seconds."I'll be sure to give you a
shout out.
“It said with a sarcastic tone. The girl scowled. “Well" It continued, “let’s get this
over with."
The demon crouched, then lunged.

Will woke with a start. His heart was pounding, and sweat dripped down his face. His long brown
hair dangled down above his eyes. He pushed his bangs aside and focused his vision.
His green eyes scanned the area. He was in his bedroom. The same place he went to bed that
night. What was that? He thought to himself. It felt so real...He turned his head over to his
bedside table and looked at the time on his alarm: 9:47 AM. He let out a long heavy sigh
then struggled out of bed. He slipped out of his room and walked down the hall towards the
bathroom. As he walked he could hear his family chattering below. He could make out the sound of silverware clanking on plates. He also heard the sound of his dogs collar clanking as it wondered about downstairs. Once he reached the bathroom he stared at him self in the mirror. His long hair was wet as if he just taken a swim.
He was wearing blue underpants and a plain white t-shirt. His skin was lightly tanned and
What the?...he thought. He grabbed his towel from the nearby rack and dried his body.
He then replaced it on the rack. He turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on his face, and looked at
himself again in the mirror. I don't understand.
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When Will had finally finished preparing in the bathroom he made his ay down the stairs.
The first one to greet him was his dog Wolf. The Airedale Terrier jogged up to his owner and rubbed his wet nose along his leg. Will picked up the dog. If there was one thing that made his mood happy from any situation it would be Wolf. He seemed to have a magical quality that calmed down Will’s nerves whenever he was around him.
Smiling Will picked up his dog. It began licking his face. Will laughed and placed his dog back onto the ground. It walked away into the kitchen.
“Good morning Will.” Said a voice. Will looked up to see his dad sitting at the breakfast table, his face planted in the newspaper. If there’s a newspaper then it must be Sunday , Will realized, not knowing why he didn’t automatically know it was Sunday. Maybe it had been the dream distracting him. Or maybe because it was summer break he hadn’t been keeping good track of the days.
The possibilities were endless.
Will realized his father had just said good morning to him and remembered that his parents dislike having to greet their children first, instead of the children greeting the parents.
“Good morning dad,” Will replied with a nervous tone.
Will quickly scanned the area. He looked to his left. His mother was leaning on the island counter facing in his direction head down towards her pancakes, which were lightly touched with syrup.
Her long brown hair was tied back in a pony tail, the same hairstyle the girl in his dream had. She was wearing her apron so Will knew she was going to be busy in the kitchen that day.
Beside her feet lay Wolf his head up in Will’s direction but he looked hypnotized. If it weren’t for his occasional blink Will would have though he was dead. Sort of. He was behind his food bowl. It was half empty but he didn’t care for any more.
Will then looked over to his right. On the other side of the stairs was the living room. His older brother, John, and his older sister , Sarah, Were fighting for the remote.
The both had plates in front of them but the both seemed barely touched. Typical.
His little sister , Maria, Sat on the love seat eating her pancakes small bites at a time watching as the channel switched back and forth.
Behind him was the hallway that led to the front door. Behind his dad was the back door.
He looked back to his dad. His head was still buried in the paper. After a second of him staring his dad asked, “ We still going to the mall?”
Will then realized that his dad had promised to take him to the mall to get some new shoes.
“yeah, totally,” Will replied.
“Then hurry up and eat,” His dad said.
“Right,” Will replied with an unenthusiastic tone.