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I cannot say whether it is the high quantity and superb quality of the rum I have consumed, the wild adventure I have experienced recently, or the lack of sleep I am facing, but I feel that it is time I narrate the best week of my life.

All words expressed here are of the most honest and truthful I can say. If you feel any events listed are false, feel free to PM me. I only post this because of the state of mind I am in.

It was a normal Saturday to everyone. Unfortunately, I did not feel that way. Earlier that week, on Monday, I snuck out of my house to visit a girl I was very interested in. She was attractive and intelligent. I picked her up around midnight and we drove to the local Wal-Mart. We spent the next two hours talking and screwing around, raising hell for the night-shift employees. I drove her back to her house and we spent the next two hours pouring our souls into a cup, and showing each other the deepest parts of our souls.

Then it was Tuesday. I got off work and went to her house. I asked her out and she said yes. I was ecstatic! She was an amazing woman. Everything I had ever wanted in a partner. Everyday that week, I snuck out to spend time with her, and I always returned home in time to get some sleep. However that Thursday, I spent the night in her bed with her. When I returned from school that Friday, my Parents confronted me.

I told them that I was spending all the time with this girl. They were infuriated! They told me that I was never to do anything like that and that they were going to take my car and I would have to walk to work, and quite a list of restriction. They also asked for the name, phone number, and address of this girl, however, when I wrote the information down, the only accuracy was her name. I don't know what was going through my mind, but something snapped.

The next morning, Saturday, they allowed me to drive my car to work, which was the biggest mistake they made. I had packed my bags the night before and when I got off work, I called them. My dad was not home, but my step-mother was. I told her, "I am not coming home."

She calmly responded, "And why is that?"

"I need to sort things out in my head." I stated bluntly. It was the truth. A lot had happened in my life that I needed to sort out, and I was using this girl as my scapegoat.

"This will only make things worse," she said in a matter-of-factly tone.

"I know," I said, "but things get worse before they get better."

"I am going to report your car as stolen, and we are going to report you as a runaway. I think you should consider coming home."

I said no and hung the phone up.

I turned to her and said, "Let's go."

That night we went to her friend Tanner's house. His parents were out of town and he had a lot of booze. He invited some people over and we had a damn good party. Unfortunately, the police got a hold of this girls number and called her. She lied, saying she didn't know where I was. Shortly after that call, her mother called. The police were just at her house. Her mother told her that we were going to a friend's house.

The next morning, we cleaned up the house and left. It was Sunday, so the banks were closed, but we still drove to one. I checked my bank account and my step-mother took out all of my money. She started freaking out, but I accepted the challenge. She offered to sell her XBox to gamestop, but I told her she was ridiculous. I had $4 and some change left in my account. We drove to a Target and bought a 24 case of water and a gallon jug. My only thought was on survival and evasion.

When we were on our way to the Target, two police cruisers pulled up behind me. They drove off and never even bothered scanning my plates. I nearly shat myself. We ended up going to her house so she could pick up some clothes. I waited in my car while she was inside and began thinking about the next few days ahead of me. We needed food and fuel for the car, and I was still in school. I started thinking of some ways to get cash, but she soon returned. She had two backpacks and a plastic back of dry foods.

We started driving again, with nowhere in particular to go. It was then she told me she brought her XBox in the second backpack. After some discussion, a temper tantrum and a trip to Gamestop, we had $81.60. I still have the receipt. We picked up a pair of flip-flops and some more dry foods. But, an idea floated in my head. I am an outdoorsy person, and I live in a desert, where dirtbiking runs rampant. There is a trail that is an hour away from my house that is in a national park that overlooks a lake.

I told her where we were going and she was excited. The sun was setting when we arrived at the national park. The area we stopped overlooked the lake and the reflection was beautiful. Everything was perfect. That is, until I though I saw a geocache and pulled off the dirt road. It wasn't a geocache, and my car got stuck in the sand. We had no cell reception and the road was dead quiet. I thought to myself, tough shit, challenge accepted, and she didn't care either. We were happy to be together.

We started making out and she was coming on strong, and a truck drove by. We flagged it down and the older man in the driver seat told us he had no strap but he would tell the campers up ahead about us. The campers were three or so miles up the road. We thanked him and he went on his way. We laughed at our luck! We continued where we left off. We got into the back of my car and right before we... a truck shows up. A happy old couple pulled us out. Mike and Sharon, two of the nicest people you could ever meet.

When we were free, Mike gave me a wink and sent us off. We drove back up the road and stopped on hard ground in a camp zone. We continued where we left off. Afterwards we looked at the stars and talked for a long time. It got cold and we decided to go to bed. Yeah... a car isn't too bad, but she forgot her jacket and we were cold. I found it funny that we ended up going back to her house and sleeping in her bed. My mind wandered back to that last Thursday. I was beginning to regret leaving.

Her alarm clock went off at 6am. We both looked at each other and said, "Fuck it." and went back to bed. Screw school. Plus, the police were probably there, right? We finally got up around 8am and showered and prepared for the day. I looked at my phone and there was a text from an unknown number and a missed call. It turns out it was my older brother. I hadn't heard from him in years. My parents got a hold of him and he was wanting to see me.

Her and I went to Wal-Mart and waited for my brother to join us with his Fiancee. Her and his Fiancee walked around the store while my brother and I talked. We reminisced about the good times and he tried to get me to go home. I told him I wasn't ready and he talked me into calling my dad. My dad left for Washington D.C. that morning for a business trip and wasn't going to be home until Wednesday. My dad was unusually calm. He is a hot-headed Marine who thinks with his gut emotions, but this time he was calm and collected. He was happy to hear from me, and the only thing he ask, and I swear I won't ever forget these words until the day I die,

"Make sure you go to school tomorrow. Your presenting your research paper on cloning, right?"

I don't know why those words are stuck in my head but they are.

Anyways, my brother offered his home as a place to stay if we needed. My pride told him, no. I was happy to see my brother again.

Off note. Im hella drunk now. Sorry guys. I'll try to get it wrapped up. AND FUCK IT! Im telling you her name. It's Chelsea. And my brother is Josh, and im Shelby.

So Josh left and Chelsea and I went back to her house. She lied to her parents, telling them everything was worked out. We stayed at her house the rest of the day. This was Halloween. We dressed up as opposite sexes and trick-or-treated. We slept together that night and the next morning her alarm went off at 6am. We looked at each other and I told her I promised my dad I would go to school today. We still slept in and arrived at school for our second hour classes.

It turns out, that on Monday, the day before, out teacher were under orders to call the cops if we showed up. Only for Monday though. I still remember my good friend Caleb coming over to me. He was crying. The fucking 6'3" fucker was fucking crying. I hadn't talked to him in two days and he was worried as hell. I love that guy.

After school, Chelsea and I went to the park that was next to her house. I parked my car on the side of the road in front of the grassy park area. We hung out for a while, under a tree talking and being all deep and stuff. When we went back to her house, I carried her on my back, leaving the car.

Apparently, her mom recently picked up Christianity and her family had a meeting on the new house rules. The first two rules were:

1: No boys are allowed to sleep over for any reason WHATSOEVER

Chelsea couldn't hold a straight face during the "family meeting" and I was asked to leave. She got up and said, "if shelby is leaving, then so am I!" and we left. She was pissy and we drove to a Taco Bell on account of her stomach making loud ass gurgles. We talked and she calmed down. She called her parents and we drove back to her house. I parked in the same area as earlier that day and we talked in the park for a while. Her younger sister came over and we all chatted and it was pretty late.

We walked back to her house and I left my car parked in front of the park.

We went to bed and at 4:30. The Police were banging on the door. I was arrested and brought home.

The end.

I am sorry for the spelling mistakes and junk but whateves. I really felt like I needed to tell someone the full story. Let me know what you think and be honest, I want to know others opinions. If anything needs to be cleared up ask and I will clear up.

Also, Ill be sure to edit this when I sober up :P

I need to get this off my chest.
I ran away with a girl, we fucked and I was arrested.
Please read the whole thing!

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