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    My stuff- it's a lot to read.

    [spoiler:1qz6dws5]Chapter 1: Kajiki vs Semto

    "Kajiki wait," a man calls out. His dark blue jeans collects dust as he takes every step and jump on the tree branches of the forest scenery. His brown long collared shirt catches way on an outstretched branch as his medium cut black hair flicks to the front of his face as gravity does it's work of pulling him down to the ground. In a quick second, he grabs onto the branch below him with his dark brown gloves and swings himself up upon the branch, almost losing his balance, but regaining it. He continues on his way of following Kajiki. This man's name is Semto.

    "No! I'm never coming back. Get away from me," the one named Kajiki yells back. Kajiki is a typical teenager who dyed his hair a dark teal and is spiked at both end of his head. He wears a light blue jacket with a red line striped down the zipper line. There are holes on each pant leg showing his knees. He is a stubborn child but very skilled in fighting.

    "Stubborn child," Semto muttered under his breath.

    "I heard that," Kajiki yelled. Kajiki stops jumping and lands on a branch, his body facing the same direction but his head is turned to look at Semto with an arrogant grin. Semto stops along with him.

    Semto sniffs the air. 'This doesn't smell right,' he thinks. Semtos' eyes widen and he quickly takes out his behemoth sword which he carries on his back. On the sword hilt is a purple circular pattern with a string tied to it with a small purple fuzzy ball dangling from the end. The blade itself is black with an ancient writing in the middle. Semto puts the sword in front of him using it as a shield.

    Kajiki grins evily. In his mouth are four rocks replacing all four of his canines which can create sparks the second they touch. Kajiki uses these rocks to ignite the gas he breathes to create massive explosions or fireballs.

    Kajiki bites down on the rocks and ignites a massive explosion which swarms around Semto in an angry rage.

    "Pathetic, this wasn't even fun," Kajiki gloats. Kajiki attempt to walk away as hears several sticks crack from the bottom of the trees.

    "Then I'll make it fun" Semto says angrily. Kajiki puts both of his hands together and starts blowing a green gas into it and form a ball bigger than his own body.

    "What is he up to," Semto thought scracthing his five 'o clock shadow. Kajiki stops to look at Semto and snickers.

    "Taste my unholy green fire," Kajiki screamed happily as he ignites the ball of colored gas. He raises it over his head and prepares to throw it. Semto readies his stance. Kajiki throws it with enough speed for Semto not to notice it in time but he slices the fireball in half saving himself from agonizing pain.

    "You missed," Semto announces.

    "I never miss," Kajiki says angrily pointing to the burning grass on the ground. The fire reforms back into a fireball and hurls toward Semto at a massive speed. This time, Semto doesn't react and the fireball engulfs Semto and suddenly drops. The fire disperses into thin air breaking Semto's fall and leaves him there lying on the grass unconscious.

    Kajiki jumps down from the trees and lands next to Semto's head.

    "If you continue to chase me, I won't hold back on you. I will kill you," Kajiki whispered.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Kajiki finds himself at the edge of the forest but couldn't see out of it.

    "Should I go through," Kajiki asked himself. His walks forward unknowingly falling of a cliff. A low branch breaks his fall- barely. All of the wind burst out of him like a fat guy sitting on a whoopee cushion. Before he closes his eyes into deep unconsciousness, he see two girls walk up to him. He didn't get a glimpse of what they looked like before he fainted.

    "Is he dead," one of the girls asked.

    "No, he's still breathing," the other girl replied.

    "Let's take him to the arena."

    "No, Taeko will just have him fight. Even when he's weak."

    "Then let's take him to the infirmary and keep it a secret."

    "Fine, then if he's better we'll let Taeko see him."


    "How is this a deal?"

    "I don't know. Just grab his leg and carry him."[/spoiler:1qz6dws5]

    [spoiler:1qz6dws5]Part 1:

    I am a bed monster. My head resembles an antelope skull with no horns, or antlers, or whatever you humans call them. I wear a black cloak which is cut into long rectangles at the ends. My hands are long and bony with foot-long finger nails that have curled into claws.

    "Good night sweetie," the little girl's mother says calmly.

    "Good night mommy," the little girl replies. The mother walks out of the room, turns off the light, and closes the door behind her. The nightlight turns on. Do you people know that myth that monsters are afraid of the light and if they come out from the closet or from under the bed they'll burn up? Well, those people who made that myth are wrong.

    I quickly come from under the bed and swipe my cape in front of the nightlight the black mist I secrete from my body keeps the light darkened. Do you know that myth of the blanket protects the child? Well, that one is true but fortunately for me her leg is sticking out from under her blanket. I push a lock of hair out from her eyes and grab her leg. She screams and I hear her parents running up the stairs.

    The father slams the door open and sees me dangling her crying daughter in the air. He grabs the lamp on he dresser and throws it at me. It passes right through me breaking on the wall behind me. I slide under the bed disappearing with the girl. The mother turns on the light with a frightened look on her face. The father slides under the bed attempting to grabs his daughter. He sees nothing under the bed except for a couple of clothes and the wall. I can see him but he can't see me. The mother runs out the room to get a gun. She comes back but sees that I have eaten the top half of the father's body and screams so loudly it wakes up the neighbors. I open a hatch under the bed into the underworld and go in it dragging the little girl with me.. I hate how adults are so chewy and soft. I like the way children are nice and tender all the way down to the bone.

    The soon-to-be-ex-mother comes back with lighter fluid and a match. She pours the flammable liquid all over the bed and floor leading a trail to every room in the two story house. As she packs her clothes and all the money she has in a suitcase, she ignites the match and drops it onto the ground while walking out the door.

    A few minutes later the fire department come to extinguish the fire. It doesn't matter though, for I am long gone.

    Part 2:

    I am a bed monster. My head resembles an antelope skull with no horns, or antlers, or whatever you humans call them. I wear a black cloak which is cut into long rectangles at the ends. My hands are long and bony with foot-long finger nails that have curled into claws.

    The little girls fall asleep when the lights turn off. The bed in the middle of the room is where all the girls are sleeping. I come out from under the bed as quiet as a mouse. Swiftly, I swipe my cape across the nightlight dimming it with the black mist I secrete from my cloak. Luckily for me they had no cover on them so grabbing them should be a piece of cake.

    Do you know the myth about the teddy bear and how it's supposed to scare away monsters from the bed or closet? That is sadly true. I reach over to grab one of the girls' legs but something slaps my hand away. I look up and back away as fast as I can. A teddy bear is standing on the rim of the bed.

    "And who might you be," I ask the bear. The bear stares blankly into my eyes. I walk over to it not knowing what will happen. I have never faced a real teddy bear in my life. I reach for the girls' leg again and the bear slaps my hand away again. It rips off the stitches on it's mouth and puts the string in its little bow tie and bares its sharp harden cotton teeth. It leaps on me and bites my shoulder severely wounding me. I scream out which wakes up the little girls. I swipe my other arms across their faces which puts them back to sleep. I hear footsteps coming towards the door. The door slams open and whoever one of these girls' father slams the door open holding a bat. He turns on the light and turns it off a couple of seconds later after looking around room.

    A couple of seconds later, he walks away. Why you ask? I made sure he couldn't see me. The teddy bear bites my leg and I cover my scream dropping to the floor like a rock. I pick up the bear and throw it across the room.

    I see my purple colored blood flowing across the white carpet floor. I forgot that this is a little girls room and they usually play with a lot of dolls. All of the dolls that are lined up on the shelves of the bedroom come to life and head towards me. I didn't want to die. The only thing I can do is flee. As fast as I can, I go back under the bed but a toy solider stabs it's small sword into my cloak. I pull it out and stab the toy in the chest. It falls over. I look back over to the bed and see an entire army of toys and stuffed animals advancing towards me. I roar which sends a large pressure of air which opens a path so I can leave.

    I finally reach the underside of the bed and open a portal to the underworld. The portal opens and I go into it. As the portal closes the teddy bear stumbles into it.The rest of the toys charge when the portal closes and they create a dog pile where the portal was. For the rest of the night the toys circle around the bed guarding the sleeping children. It doesn't mater though for I am never coming back.[/spoiler:1qz6dws5]

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    Re: My stuff- it's a lot to read.

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