Today is supposed to be a normal day. I am sitting in the office and working away, typing furiously on my keyboard getting my paperwork done. It's not like the paperwork is difficult, its just time-sheets and some help-desk ticketing. But for some reason, today felt different. I stood up from my desk and looked around. For the first time, I really noticed the noise in the office. Many of my co-workers were also typing away. The room seemed to buzz with the pitter-patter of keyboards.

As I looked around the office, everything before my eyes changed. Yet, nothing was different. My sight seemed clearer and I could hear everything. I was completely aware of all of my movements. It was so surreal. I glanced back at my computer monitor, with an excel spreadsheet wide open, I needed to get back to my work.

What was the point?

I stopped moving... What was I thinking? This is my job, what do I mean, what is the point? I made a move to sit back down and hope the feeling would pass, but again the voice asked,

What was the point?

I shook away the thought and forced myself to sit down. I know I'll get over this moment, and I made a reach for my stale coffee. After swirling the dark liquid around in the cup, I finished off the last bit that was left. Staring at the monitor, I began typing away again. After what felt like hours, I completed the document. Only a few minutes passed by.

What was the point?

What was the point? What was the point!?

I remember a time when I felt like I had a purpose! I jumped up from my chair and pushed it away. The seat tipped over and fell out of my cubicle. Barry, a newer employee, poked his head out from his cubicle and laughed, "You spill something?"

I kicked my chair out into the office walked over to Barry. His smile faded and he got up. "Everything okay?"

"Finish my paperwork, Barry. I need to go." And I walked away, leaving Barry behind in a confused daze. I noticed that all the typing had stopped and all of my co-workers were staring at me. "What are all of you looking at!?" I yelled at everyone, and stormed to the exit.

Of course, my boss was waiting at the door, he had a smug grin. He has been looking for any excuse to chew me out recently, but I held up my hand as I walked passed him. If he said anything, I ignored him and walked out of the office. The door closed behind me and now I was standing in a hallway.

I have walked down this hallway thousands of times. I knew everything about this hallway. About ten feet from the exit, the floor squeaked. If you looked closely at the middle light, it flickered slightly. This hallway felt like a prison cell. I ran to the exit and pushed the door open as hard as I could. The heavy, metal door swung wide open just as Michelle, another coworker of mine, was reaching for the door.

The corner of the door smashed her in the face, knocking her over. What the hell is wrong with me! I bent down to see if she was okay. My stomach dropped. Her face was completely caved in, and her nose and teeth were broken. She wasn't moving.

I panicked.

I glanced around. No one was in the parking lot. No one saw me do it. I put my had on her neck. She still had a pulse, but I picked her up and carried her across the parking lot. What was I going to do? Should I drop her off at the hospital and run off? They will know it was me. I was leaving as she was coming in.

Something snapped in my head.

I set her down next to my car and got out my keys. My hands were shaking, and my heart was racing. I opened the back door and picked up Michelle. It was easier than I thought to put her in the seat. This was exciting, I knew that my life was a complete waste. I don't have any close friends, I never talk to my parents, and I was working at a dead end job. I used to think I was happy, but it was all a lie.

I got in my car and drove out of town.