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Thread: My Raps

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    My Raps

    [center:2qnz31wt]I Grab the Microphone
    Uh, yo, I grab the mic,
    the rappers fail to spike,
    the times are changing, rhymes rearranging,
    orginality, needs an alibi, for barely passing by,
    no need to settle for mediocre,
    I exchange like a money broker,
    wack spit, jack flip, none of that rap strip,
    MC's waiting weary, for a new Hip-hop theory,
    code nine, extra fine, stop wasting time,
    the phone rings on a Saturday morning,
    a really eerie sounding forewarning,
    someone's calling, no need for stalling,
    look alike, I Grab the mic.[/center:2qnz31wt]~Octane

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    Re: My Raps

    Allow me to express how I feel about you

    If thoust ceased to be
    And became OP
    Then thoust would be most faggoty

    Now, let me, in a poem, sum up how I feel about this work

    It is as if
    On a bright day
    a faggot came
    and shitty-shit-shat all over my face

    User was warned for this post. - Ward

    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.


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