tell me if i go off too hot or if my lyrics go cold
tell me if i go on talk rot or if im biased to hoes
it aint discrimination im only asking for a sandwich
i'll sit here masturbatin even if you ask to fuck bitch
stop fightin and retaliatin because i aint even gonna twitch
arent my words so intoxicating dont you feel so disorientated
liquid lyricism leaving loony lads looking lost and jaded
muffled mystic mysticism making a mockery of your system
dont bother touching the speakers just sit down and listen
i'll steadily poetically dissect your flow medically
behavin so terribly because my beats bump so heavily
im clever but im no fucking walking paradox
and the only way i'll ever fuck is if i can find a pair of socks
im a parasite that your mind cant fight
fuck socks i've got this jar of vaginamite
these crack rocks won't even last me half the night
but i cant complain only tits and meth could stop me going insane
flyin high in the sky im on cloud nine
eight seven six i'll go hard as my dick
please only the tip can you fit that on your lip
should i take some more viagra or have you got a firm grip
control alt delete your whole team admits defeat
then i finally found some socks so i fucked em to the beat
when i finally go to hell ima dance with the devil
then kick that faggot off my throne and down ten levels
then sit and revel in the fact that im such a rebel
i aint even dark skinned but my words are blacker than the kettle
i cook emcees for lunch just like they were hansel and gretel
once i'm up in your affairs fuck yeah im gonna meddle
don't stop to smell the roses because i ripped off all the petals bitch
i got told that actions speak louder than words, so i did a shit
i'm not even gonna hope for redemption for these sins i commit
im not even as hard as i make out to me, yeah i'll admit
that doesn't mean i can't shred an emcee in just one hit
my conscience hung itself, it gave shit advice anyway
my confidence slit it's throat, now i'll call myself gay
i can't even hit a fucking note, but i'll rhyme away
lets see if bruno mars catches my verbal grenade
maybe this one time justin beiber will be my baby
one time for my mind before i go crazy
im leaving with a bang, and i entered with the same one
its a well known fact that im a fuckin son of a gun
yeah im a little slim shady, sendin disses daily
shoot for the stars - direct trajectory for hailie!
the future can only start with you when the present starts to consume
you're cuter than quite a few but i resent your cheap perfume
i swim through your waters only to drown in my sorrows
the day cannot begin until the past catches tomorrow
its in the marrow - a sparrow, hidden in hells grotto
the world spins like the ball when i hope for the lotto
i wrote you a note but i shoved in a bottle
lit the fuse on my thoughts and took it to the full throttle
crashed like a wave on the cliff i call my brain
killer like the nicotine it hunts for the pain
im insane, paper crane,
exploded like my thoughts when you bought your bitch a cane
asked it to be your pimp
call me a cripple but only my hearts gone limp
man overboard turns into a motherfucking sinking ship
the devil gave me a mic - i taught him how to spit
nailed him to the cross and left with nothin but a busted lip
heres a tip, deaths just like an acid trip,
you'll only lose yourself if you refuse to have a grip
cannabis, ban this, write that, fight back
thick cracks fill the space of the presense i lack
with my glassy eyes i stare at a broken horizon
cold to my skin - is the dead sun risin
know that i sin - but this angels still glidin
the black heart still beats thc fills the veins
drip into the streets right through the city's drains
the thoughts are unstoppable i've just misplaced the train
R.I.P to the one i thought was me
here lies a nobody - forever rest in peace
ashes to ashes - now forever hold your piece
dust to dust - now forever hold your piece
now forever hold your piece
touch it, love it, and fuck with it a moment
show them hell just so they know that you own it
time for the first one, set it off so it hurts some
shot from the worst gun, wrongs gone undone
busted lip from every lyric thats been sung from an iron lung
one rung below, still doesnt he know
how emotions just pile on like a weight on his shoulders
forever a solider
pushed over by a dozer still he's no poser
willing to do what it takes to get his flows up
but he never shows up, he's disconnected
then he just blows up, shits getting hectic
its electric, a flick of the switch for a glimpse of the next shit
get this, he never thought to forget it
but everywhere he goes he's reminded of it
its a strange word to use and he's tired of it
he admired it, now the lighters lit
he's burnt up like the last hit, another bong thats ripped
like his heart in half, its all just broken off
but still, he just get enough
9 millimetres, down another 9 litres
but the ninth clouds still a few too many metres, so-

all incomplete, give me hell