I tried this over in my thead, but I thought I'd keep the story over in the literature section to keep my thread animation-focused. The story mainly serves as a backdrop to the many fights I will do, and helps to keep my imagination active, and who knows? It may inspire one of you later on down the road. I will post direct links to the animations here in the story, and may feature the occasional pivot art, so, with each entry, not only will you get to read some great writing, but you'll also see my animation skills progress. Thanks, and enjoy!

Entry one:
[spoiler:2u83r3xj]Hello there. No doubt you're curious as to what happened, why you, sitting there can get a glimpse into the world I lived in. A world where special powers are more common than one would think. Believe me, I could ramble on about tales from far off lands and lone warriors that stood undefeated after confronting entire armies, but I won't indulge in trite tales. Instead, I'll tell you the tale of how I tricked it. How I Tricked the Universe.

It would, quite frankly, be boring to start at the beginning, so instead, I'll start from the most interesting: My confrontation with The Prince. Now, for those of you who don't know (all of you, I know, I tricked the universe, remember? I'm a sharp guy.) the prince one of those one-in-a-thousand leaders. Loyal to his subjects just as much as they are to him. A fierce warrior and master of the sword, he's not one to be trifled with, but as good as I am with trickery, I couldn't avoid stepping on some toes here or there, and the prince was one of those toes. A big toe.

"What have you done with my friend?" He asked with sickening, naive earnestness.

"He threatened me, your highness, and so I banished him."

" To where!?" He demanded.

"I don't think I'm at liberty to say. . ."

"Then I suppose your lips need loosening. I don't trust you shaman, and I don't know why my father continues to hear the words that eek out of your barbed lips, but if you continue to be coy with me I will strike you down!"

and he would have too, if I couldn't weave and perceive the very flow of time.

This is all I can recollect of the fight

I observed the timeline in which The Prince, well, showed why he was the most skilled warrior in all the land, from there, it was a simple matter of placing my fist where his face would be.

That was enough to give him pause, as he said,
" It's as if you faced me before, Shaman, you're the first to land a blow. I trust this will be an interesting fight."

"Oh, Prince" I said, "Your fight has only just begun." [/spoiler:2u83r3xj]