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    Snowing: A work in progress.

    I've been working on this for a few months, it's about half done now.


    "Well damn…" I said, staring out of the window of our townhouse.
    It was snowing, hard. I live in virginia so anything resembling a snow storm is quite rare, but I welcome it with open arms, if just for the reason that being snowed in is an excellent excuse for not getting anything done. It works in all situations, even if you're supposed to talk to someone on the phone, you can call them up when the snow melts and tell them "Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't talk, I was snowed in all week" It's ok, they'll understand, because really what everyone wants to do when they're snowed in is to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and pretend you have a fireplace, and if you're particularly posh you can just use an actual fireplace. The excuse even works with run on sentences, if you're thinking of complaining about the one I made prior to this sentence just remember that I've been snowed in all this time.

    There was no end in sight, the snow was getting heavier, the ground was completely covered, and an outside cat was now inside thanks to the process of automatic igloos. It's two AM now, I usually stay up later but I can't exactly focus with all the snowing going on, so I went to sleep, Or at least I think I went to sleep, I'm really not a good judge on that matter, after all I was asleep the whole time.

    "Dear god…" I said staring out of the window of our townhouse.
    It was still snowing, maybe a little softer then last night, but I didn't look like the snow stopped at all in the sixteen hours I slept. All the cars where gone, and the outside cat had almost certainly discovered fire by now, either that or it died, both are just as likely as far as I'm concerned, in a world where a women can be president of the united states, not that a women has been president, as far as I know, but still I always thought cats would discover fire before we had a female president, and I guess I was right, or not.

    I ran down the stairs, or as close as you can get to running when you're on stairs. To my right was the kitchen, to my left was the front door, it was a simple decision, breakfast first, then snowball fights with commuters. So I walked into the kitchen with the intent of making the best thing you can possibly have on a snowy day, pancakes. But as I opened the cabinet I was struck with a horrid horror so horrifyingly horrifying it made my hair stand on end, we were out of flour, which, as any gourmet will tell you is a damning situation to be in. It was a simple decision, I had to walk to the store, I can have those snowball fights on the way, then again with my skills it will be more like a snowball massacre.
    But as I opened the door I was struck with terrible terror so terrifyingly terrifying it made me turn slightly paler then I already was, the door wouldn't move, most likely thanks to the snow, but it could be that super intelligent cat barricading me in my house.
    "Oh well" I said to myself and anyone who may or may not have been around "I guess I'll just have to make something else."
    I made eggs, and ate them spitefully.
    Despite the spite the eggs were quite good, but when you live each day on the edge your sentences tend to trail off nonsensically.
    I grabbed my plate by the brim and walked over to the window which I then opened, the snow was just about to reach it so I had to do this now, I threw my plate out the window, it landed in the snow, not that there was anything else for it to land in, I figured that cat could clean my dishes for me, it was the least he could be after trapping me in my own house.
    I closed the window quickly after the plate debacle because the snow had begun to enter the house, which is no place for snow, or a house, or the one in the middle but he doesn't really understand it.

    I retreated back to my pleasant palace of peasant's pleasantries, and a pelican showed up for alliteration's sake. I got on the computer for the sole purpose of doing many different things, first I checked the news, I don't usually like the news and today is no exception, but we haven't have had weather like this since I was a baby, and even then it didn't happen, just a figment of your imagination.
    "Snowstorms ravage east coast"
    The newsy box read, I clicked the article with much gusto, glib, and glamour.
    "211 dead…" "863 injured…" "24 raped…" I expected as much, twenty feet of snow in two days will do that, we only got nine feet but I think there's a limit to how much damage snow can cause in two days.
    Fire, wind, and snow probably got together and came to some kind of agreement, because while fire is the scariest (To those without spines) and kills very fast it must have seen that snow had him beat in the long run if only for the invention of cars, so they decided to have a kill cap to wear on their heads to remind themselves not to go over a certain limit of kills. Meanwhile wind stood back smiling at them, wind could do whatever he wanted because he was tornadoes, and you don't tell a tornado what to do, you just watch it then pretend like it did what you wanted, that's how tornadoes work, that and low pressure systems.

    It was getting dark now, either that or the snow had built up to the upper levels, no matter what was going on I was going to sleep, and no amount of snow can stop me, unless it was a very large amount, then I suppose I would be powerless to defend myself, and if I can't defend myself who will? That diabolical cat? He doesn't even do a good job on the dishes.

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    Re: Snowing: A work in progress.

    Interesting story, I'll keep an eye out for more.

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    Re: Snowing: A work in progress.

    nice work man, I loved this sentence: "The excuse even works with run on sentences, if you're thinking of complaining about the one I made prior to this sentence just remember that I've been snowed in all this time." Really places you as the author in the story. This is very important. If a reader can connect to the author then the text is usually more enjoyable and you can gain a sense of personal touch to the author.


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