I don't do much writing, but I'm trying it out.

Party pooper

[spoiler:3rdz3gmv]The house was stuffed with kids, boys and girls, running around the house like their trousers were on fire, this was a birthday party, Jack's birthday party, why the hell invite so many people? Anyways, no one had noticed Sam, Jack's 8 year old brother, sitting in the corner. Well some noticed, but they didn't say anything.
Passed about an hour and Jack and his mates had gone bowling, Sam left behind, forgotten, at least their parents were here, but it was lonely without Jack. He stepped quietly to the kitchen, where he knew the best thing about parties was...
It was huge, about as tall as a wedding cake, It was a chocolate and vanilla cake with coated in chocolate icing, with ribbons dotted around the edges for decoration. Ever so slowly he tipped toed over to the cake and Stared. Slowly, slowly, he picked off a tiny bit of icing from the cake and ate it. The cake was practically begging for him to scoff it down. As soon as he was a bout to, footsteps, lots of them, Jack and his friends returned. Sam quickly returned to the living room as fast as he could and hope they wouldn't notice the missing icing at the back...
Their mother had put in the candles and lit them, she carried the cake over to the living room. And all started singing, "Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday tooooo youuuuuu, happy birthday dear Ja-a-ack happy birthday to you!" Everyone started clapping, but Sam, well, he was focused on the candles, if there was anything he liked about parties more than delicious cake, it was bowing out the candles, the flickering flames right in front of him, beckoning him, C'mon, don't you want to blow us out?[/spoiler:3rdz3gmv]