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    Axe-Murder Forest

    A young, married couple, Kenneth and Samantha Maxis drive the most-traveled road to their home, coming back Samantha's friend's dinner party. Storm-clouds begin to gather, a heavy-rain begins to crash onto the ground, thunder can be heard clearly, and lightning is seen as bright-as-ever. "Looks like rain," Kenneth listed the obvious. "Road's gonna' be pretty slippery - I better be careful," he said as he flips the switch to activate the windshield-wipers.

    They had been driving for twenty-minutes, they only had another two-miles until they would be in their neighborhood. "Truck!" Kenneth yelled as he sees a tanker-truck driving on the wrong-side of the road toward their car. He turns as hard as-possible to his right to avoid it, the car begins sliding off of the road and into a forest-like area. The small car had gotten it's back-tires stuck in the mud. The couple sits for a moment, trying to catch their breath - the near-death experience must have been pretty frightening for them. Once Kenneth gathers himself, he grips the wheel and stomps onto the gas-petal.

    "The car's stuck in something," Kenneth says in disappointment. "Just sit here, Samantha. I'm going to find out what it is keeping the car from driving," he opens the car-door and walks out, holding his arm over his head to repel the rain a bit. Ken walks to the back of the car and kneels, after a quick-look at the back of the car, he realized that it was deep in the mud. He stood back up and walked to the front of the car, got in, and closed the door. "So, can you fix it?" Samantha asked Kenneth with worry, "I might, maybe if I keep trying - the back-wheels will push the mud away and get us traveling again," he replied. Kenneth presses hard onto the gas-petal and begins turning the steering-wheel to see if it might help in pushing the mud away.

    After two-minutes of failed mud-clearing attempts, Ken gives up. "Wait here, I'm going to get some help," he says as he opens the door and gets out of the impaled car, then walks away, closing the car-door behind him. Samantha locks the car-doors out of paranoia and begins to settle. Two-hours pass and still, no help has arrived, and Ken has not-yet returned from his help-seeking mission. Samantha becomes very worried, she then begins to see lights in-front of the car. Figuring that it was help-arriving, she unlocks the car-door and runs out and towards the light.

    Samantha stops once she sees Ken's dead-body, with a axe-wielding man in a raincoat giving-off a strange glow. "W-who, or what are you?" she asks with great fear, "It doesn't matter - you are in my house now, and I don't take intruders kindly." The man begins running toward Samantha, holding his axe in the air.

    Urban legends have told of a man who had become insanely paranoid, he built a compound deep into the woods, and claimed the enter forest as his "private property". He would kill anyone he saw that he didn't recognize, until one-day, the media had become weary of his murderous antics and burned the compound to ashes, killing the tyrant that owned it. It is said that his spirit still roams the forest, killing anyone he sees.
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    Re: Axe-Murder Forest


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