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    My thread of scary shit and fanfics!

    Welcome to my thread of pure epicness.
    Here I post my stories. Most will be Spider man/Ape escape fanfics. But some are HORROR!
    While most of my stories are for everyone. Theres few that are only for adults.

    Read It!
    Spike Has some flashbacks!
    Type: Ape Escape fan fic
    Rating: E for everyone
    Genere: Emotional/adenture

    Inside me

    Read It!
    My version Of Jason is born
    Type: Friday The 13th parody
    Rating: Adults only
    Gener: Gorno/Horror

    Pivot Gone Wild

    Read It!!

    A horror story wrapped around some users at PA.

    Type: Freind Horror
    Rating: T for teen
    gener: Fantasy Horror

    You should not lock or ban this thread for my stories as I warn you before you read of what lurks behind the links! Its my right to write and post these stories!

    "Sharing is caring. But what if you dont fucking care?"

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    Re: My thread of scary shit and fanfics!

    I havnt read you stories yet but it all sounds cool ,and I'll read them in my own time right now kinda busy so just don't douple/triple post then hopefully ur thread won't get locked anyway keep it up bro


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