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    A written fight? wtf o.O

    Jake took a sharp breath and pushed himself up off the ground and swung at his assailant, Johnathan Moore, making a crunching connection with his jaw, and swinging his leg up around to smash into his face. Jake stood over Johnathan, then bent down and, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, swung him up and over his shoulder, sending him smashing down to the ground. Johnathan groaned and spat blood on the floor and managed to get back on his feet, but ducking just in time when Jake swung for him again and punched him in the stomach, sending Jake reeling back. Johnathan stepped toward Jake and kicked him in the stomach, then grabbed a handful of his hair and dragged him to the wall and smashed his face twice into the wall. Satisfied he had won, Johnathan started walking away.
    "You don't know what you've done do you?"
    Johnathan swung around just in time to see Jake, red ,glowing eyes narrowed in anger, smash him on the head with two hands, grab him around his throat and fling him at the wall as if he was a rag-doll, and everything went black.

    *animation for this coming soon*
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    Re: A written fight? wtf o.O

    Woah sounds complicated... I set up my stick fights to give me guidance on my animations so dat I don't get bored half way but my way is a lot simpler .... U seriously right down every move O_o for me its just take him out or down ... Unless its a combo you trying then you should list the moves


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