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    Silence in the House of Wolves

    For once in this vast timeline, the halls of the dead were silent, corpses no longer moving, stirring, or otherwise screaming their hollow lungs out. The brass corridors stretched into infinity as bronze spiders dropped, dipped, dived and weaved their ways through the extruding bolts and spires, casting their glistening lines to catch whatever foul came that way. Footsteps echoed down that forgotten path.
    Respirator glinting in the faint blue light, his battered and broken duster shook and twisted as he ran, gun frame shaking, breathing heavily through the mouthpiece and crushing debris underfoot, a leviathan was tailing him, a fabled machine from the centre of the Zone, one of the servants, it's poisonous glare was hunting him down, accuracy of a legendary marksman and the speed of a bullet. It shot through the corridor, tearing it's spindly, metal talons across the walls, leaping through doorways and shattering the steel walls, it's black blood was streaming for it's first kill in over a century...

    Flashback to the Zone, the Zone of Alienation in Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant, Pripyat and the surrounding area, on the 15th of January 2015, six days before the halls died, sightings of strange, new machines have been growing numerous, deaths by the hands of them even more so. Newsdiscs read 'End of the World', people were screaming Armageddon, STALKER's were thinking about how they were going to put food on the table, while the PROPHET's were dying out, plagued by visions of the Old God, Shale, an artefact from the ones before, whose last wish was to exterminate the Zone, wiping out nearly every lifeform via detonating the core of the plant, laying waste to the surrounding land and putting itself into a deep slumber. Although this is all speculation, but then again a week later so was the fact that a veteran STALKER was decapitated and viciously torn to pieces by a huge clockwork millipede, but that's beside the point.

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    Re: Silence in the House of Wolves

    I liked it. But the way it ended was kind of confusing, the narrating voice seemed to shift a little from the start to the end. Nevertheless, great job.


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