I had to write these for a uni assignment

Poem 1 – Shore Loyalty
Waves roll and break gently on the shore,
White foam fills the now fading prints in the sand,
A man stood, sun illuminating his outline,
A dog sat loyally, tail wagging vigorously,
Clouds, a wispy pink covering the darkening sky,
What was once pale blue was turning a dark sanguine,
Gentle sea breeze began to gain strength,
A midnight storm was brewing,
Wisps of clouds were now gathering,
What was pink from the sunset is now grey,
Ominous, dark and ready for a downpour,
The dog barked,
The man glanced up,
Rain began to fall,
Wind howled and lightning forked the sky,
Thunders booming voice came and echoed,
The dog whimpered and the man comforted him,
Yet the dog did not feel it,
The dog was waiting, stubbornly patient,
For his masters return to shore,
The man’s presence was certainly there,
But physically, he was not,
And so the dog was left waiting,
Plagued by his stubborn loyalty,
Cursed to wait eternally,
For his master who perished at sea.

Poem 2 – Seasonal Reaper

Leaves tentatively fall,
From the vine which they once hung,
Gathering on the ground,
Like dust in an abandoned house,
They huddle and collect together,
Trying to preserve their colour,
To no avail.
Slowly, they wither and die,
Losing life and turning brown,
To crumble and fly in the wind,
Until their existence is gone,
The seasons change,
From Summer to Autumn,
From vibrant life, to dreary death,
Try as they might to survive,
To no avail.