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    The Trash - (I have no idea what I'm doing lol)

    As you might expect, I donít enjoy taking out the trash. For one, it reeks beyond comprehension, and two, well, who likes to take out the trash? At least on this day the bag didnít break, spilling moist leftovers over everything within a mile. Thank the Lord.

    Having hauled the sweaty bag of goodies most of the way to the collection bins, I took as deep a breath of whatever fresh air there is in a city of ten million. I intended to run up, use one arm to heave the bag into the grey behemoth and swing the other arm in the opposite direction, hopefully generating momentum for a fast getaway. The Puff of Death as the bag hits the other muck is to be avoided at all costs, unless one wants free cosmetic surgery.

    My plan would have worked perfectly, as it had done many times before, if I hadnít tripped and dolphin dived into the ground as I started to run away. I pulled my flailing arms in front of me just in time to break my fall, scraping up my palms and hurting both wrists. I gasped upon impact, as one does, and being just a few feet away from the whole streetís garbage, I took a full lungful of the stench. The back of my throat seemed to explode with the smell of a weekís leftovers. Feeling a gagging fit was imminent, my priority changed back to escaping the funk. The Puff of Death was closing in.

    I scampered back down the road to safety just in time (if I had hesitated a little longer I wouldnít be writing this now, I swear it) and I paused to inspect the damage. My palms were in pretty bad shape; they were peppered with grit and were beginning to bleed. My wrists were throbbing too. I decided I would survive, though there was still a spiciness on my tongue from the disease-cloud. I could see (through what in a cartoon would be a green fog) a loose paving slab near the disaster area. I turned and returned home, chuckling and rubbing my wrists with my damaged hands.


    I spent a lightweight hour writing that. I have never written anything with much thought behind it, and haven't written anything period for many months, so I did this as a warm-up I guess.

    If all 2 people who visit this section have anything to say, please do say.

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    Re: The Trash - (I have no idea what I'm doing lol)

    I personally find this a very deep and intriguing story. The trash obviously represents fear in this case. And how we try to run away from it, at some point you will fail and it will take you over. All you then can do is try to survive by not hesitating and staying conscious.

    Great story Krust, I cry every time.

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    Re: The Trash - (I have no idea what I'm doing lol)

    I love the sarcastic satire (particularly in the final paragraph) and the way you described it I could imagine in a cartoon, the animated imagery is nice. (though you did blatantly state it in the final paragraph). The menial chore of taking out the trash is not something you would expect to be humorous, nor even interesting to read, though you have done both! Bravo.


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