It's not really a story, nor an actual literature thing, it's more of a scenario
[spoiler:jfpoxzb3]1.Erif's perspective

This is the final round of the international UFC competition, I'm fighting some American guy. He doesn't look American at all to me...

Alright, gonna take my position.. Blue corner...

-In the Blue Corner... Erif Carelov!!!
And the red corner... Zesty "family name"!!!

I hit em a couple of times... He gives me a couple of blows... But the ending was very different.
"If this keeps up, I'll be completely exhausted! I'll try to put him on the ground."
But he had something up his sleeve too.
Zesty punches again and again, but I finally found the right moment!
"Now!! Yeragh!!!... Shit!"
Zesty was ready for that all along. He stepped back and grabbed me, then locked my hand with a move I've never seen.

"No! How? Did he read my mind or something?"

I tapped, I gave up...

The judge raises Zesty's hand.

I leave soon after.

When I go outside, a weird gentleman, dresses in a black suit...

"Who is that guy, weird that he isn't saying anything and just comes in my direction... let's see what he does."

So he did do something. Not to my preference, but he was nice. All he did was punch me unconscious in the face.

I wake up strapped to a chair. I try to brake through the rope, but nothing good comes from it.

My mouth is shut too. I can't talk, I can't move, what to do?

In roughly an hour, the door opens.
"Light!! I can see now! But not that well, I get pretty much blinded because my eyes got use to the dark already.

When I can finally see, I observe that I'm in a chair in a dark grey room, sitting in frond of wooden table. There's a strange man sitting on the other side wearing a black suite.

-Why did you kill him?!, he ask.

-Wha.. What?

-Don't mess with me god damn it!!! You do understand the situation you're in, do you?? You're about to die!! So if you don't want to live answer my few questions and you'll be released.

-What... What are you talking about?!

-Stop fucking shitting me you piece of shit!!
He raises a gun and puts it to my forehead.

-What the hell?! Is this some sort of prank? It's not funny. Now let me go!!

-You have five seconds to answer my first question. Five, four...

"Is this real?"
-Alright, alright, who "did" I kill?

-You're a bloody idiot, England AND the world would be better off without you...
***The man shoots Erif***

2.Zesty's perspective

-In the blue corner... Erif Carelov!!!!

So, when I enter the eight corner, the judge already introduced my opponent, his name was Erif, I recall.

-In the red corner... Zesty "familly name"!!!

We punch, kick and stuff each other, but then I noticed he was planing something.

"His best chance right now would be to put me down on the floor. Maybe I should let him think he found an opening."

It all worked out as planned, he charged at me, I dodged and gave him a hand lock. After a long time of fighting, he finally tapped out.

The judge announced me as the winner and Erif left. I got the belt trophy, and then there was a small celebration. I soon went back to my car.

While I was driving a man was standing in the middle of the road, dresses in a black suit.

-Hey! Get off of the road!!

He then walked towards me.. slowly...
***The man killed Zesty***

3.Whitness Olive

So it's the middle of the night, the final round of the UFC championship is over. I'm heading back home, and then I see some... thing, in a black suit, it's face was all white, it was just standing there, between the two tall buildings in the city center.

I first acted like I didn't notice it, but then... A man... I didn't know him, he passed by, then screamed, so I turned around.... All I saw was him being pulled in by some black tentacles.

That's all I know, I ran after that.

4.Whitness Will

I was in the woods, just walking along. And I saw a man, he found some note on a tree, and then... A man with a white face appeared behind him. And... He took him away. Some tentacles came out of his back. I don't know what happened afterwards. I never ran as fast in my whole life!

5.Survivor Memphis

So, yeah, I was walking alone in the woods, and I found some notes on trees. I didn't have much time to read it, a strange man appeared out of nowhere. I turned around and he dissapeared.

And the next time I saw him, I took his head, but my gun to his face, and blew his head right open.

6.sir bombastic's perspective

Many people got killed by, seemingly, a UFC fighter. Who actually is a serial killer.

We call him Slender

All the information we found led to a man called Erif.

Right now I'm waiting for him to leave the tournament he's in.
"there he is!"
So I walk towards him and punch him in the face. Then I bring him in to the interrogation room.

When he wakes up, I come in... free his mouth of the duct tape, and...

-Why did you kill them?!

And so on, but he was too stubborn, so I killed him.

Case closed, unless we made a mistake .

7.Juke's perspective

After the UFC tournament was over... It was so depressing to see Zesty beat my favorite fighter, Erif.

I took the bus heading to my city. When I arrived, I went to my car, and headed home.

But on my way home, a strange man appeared before me. He had a white face and he was dressed in a black suit.

I came out... And came closer to him.

- Sir, are you ok?
-What's going on?!
What's happening?!!?!

*** Slender kills Juke***

8.OblivionFall's perspective

So I'm just walking on the road and I see a strange man, dressed in a black suit, with a white face, just standing there.

He starts approaching me...
-U mad bro?


***OblivionFall kills Slender with his Dragon shout***

9.Slender's perspective.

I've killed many people. But this guys, he was a douchebag. I was stalking him... But then...

He said...

- U mad bro?!


***OblivionFall kills Slender with his Dragon Ponneh shout***

10.Slender # 2's perspective

They killed my brothers... They sent em to hell!!

They're gonna die!!

*a wild Strider appears*

11.Strider's perspective

I was sent here by the white name gods to purify the earth of all Slenders!!!


-Fus... Pony... Dah!!!!!!

***And that's how the super Slender apocalypse has ended***[/spoiler:jfpoxzb3]

yeah, I'm thinking of making this into a comic Manga style